Only Starlight Chapter 13 part 1

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Lin Hao led them to their seats. White tablecloth covered the round table, and there was a beautiful hydrangea in the middle. In front of Jian there was a name plate with the words “Zhou Peipei” written on it. 

She stared at the sign for a moment then raised her hand to hold her face. 

As a senior star-chasing dog, Jian Wei was not unfamiliar with this award ceremony. She had seen it on TV and the computer, not to mention that she had actually come here twice.

However, before, when she came, she could only stand at the back of the fan section, and even if she craned her neck she would only be able to see the back of the heads of these idols. She never thought that she would be able to experience sitting in the same place as all these stars one day… 

Her eyes swept the room, and she saw the gorgeous hall, the people, the wine goblets and wine, and one by one all of the familiar faces.

“Third anticipated movie empress” Zhang Siqi, known as the most beautiful woman; the mixed-race male star Song Zhi; now the popular Chinese opera actress Han Meng; the Taiwanese music talent Cai Jiehong… 

After the dream-like red carpet, Jian’s brain only now started to work again. Right! She came to this place where celebrities are gathered! 

The most important thing was that she is now one of these people! 

“Who do you like?” Jiang Yi asked. 

Jian Wei: “Ah?”

“Aren’t you looking around? Who do you like?” Jiang Yi smiled lazily, as if he was just curious. Jian Wei suddenly became a little unhappy, muttering, “I don’t like anyone, I’m just looking at the crowd…” 


“Really.” Jian Wei pulled at the lace pattern of the tablecloth, and couldn’t help but retort, “Who I like, don’t you know?” She was very specific! 

The tone was too much like the girlfriend’s questioning. Jiang Yi stilled for two seconds, then touched his nose to gloss over it, as if he had not heard anything. 

Jian Wei glanced at his hand. Jiang Yi’s hands were very beautiful, his bones were well-structured and his fingers were white and long, like beautiful sculptures. Only, there was a little red mark on the back of his right hand, which was the result of her pinching. 

Jiang Yi also found himself acting casually. “You are still very strong.” 

Jian Wei felt a little guilty. She already knew that Jiang Yi was deliberately making her laugh so that she could relax a little, so when she thought about how nervous she was at the beginning, she felt even more sorry. 

She hesitated, but in the end did not apologise. She saw him pick up a goblet and drink. 

Pure like crystal; fingers like white jade. Jian Wei suddenly remembered that when the Jiang Yi WeChat group gathered, Pumpkin Sauce liked to send out photos of his hands, intoxicatedly saying: “I really want gege to use that hand to do something shameful to me~” 

Shameful thing… 

“What happened to you?” Jiang Yi asked.

She turned her burning face away quickly. “No, nothing…” 

Jiang Yi still wanted to ask again, but he heard another voice coming. “Auntie, Teacher Zhou, here you are.” 

The two turned around in response to the voice. In front of them stood a 20-year-old girl in a red dress looking tender and alluring, just like a rose. 

Jian Wei knew her. Yin Ru, like Zhou Peipei, was an actress. She was not as famous, but Jian was still familiar with her. 

At the beginning of the next month, Jiang Yi’s TV series “Cold Night” would be broadcast. This was not only his first drama this year, but it would also be the first TV drama in which he played the lead role so it was of great significance. 

Yin Ru was the heroine in “Cold Night”. 

Jian Wei suddenly realized what she had overlooked; Zhou Peipei was so popular, that as long as she was sitting here, someone would be sure to come over to talk. Oh my goodness, she isn’t going to be exposed, right?

Jiang Yi got up and shook hands with Yin Ru, and Yin Ru smiled like a flower. When he let go, he turned his eyes to Jian Wei. She paused for two seconds, slowly stood up and shook Yin Ru’s hand. 

Yin Ru said with a smile: “Miss Zhou is so beautiful today, your dress contrasts beautifully with your skin.” 

Jian Wei heard these words and subconsciously stroked the fabric of the dress. With Zhou Peipei’s current popularity, although she still couldn’t borrow high-profile dresses from big brands, the clothes she wears to these events aren’t bad. Lai Xiao Shuang also chose her dress according to this standard from a famous domestic designer. Jian Wei’s older cousin’s wedding dress was also bought from this brand as well, so she had a deep impression of the designs.

When she was changing her clothes, Jian had silently thought that although she didn’t know the specific price, it should be tens of thousands. 

For someone like her who lives in poverty, she has never owned such an expensive dress…Σ(っ°Д°;)っ 

Realizing that Yin Ru was still looking at her, Jian Wei smiled slightly and said, “Thank you.” 

Her voice was low, and a little hoarse. Yin Ru stared blankly at her. “What happened to Teacher Zhou, are you sick?” 


“I know that you are popular now and your schedule is full, but you should also pay attention to your body.” Yin Ru said, half-joking and half-concerned. 

Jian Wei felt like she couldn’t keep on acting anymore. 

To pretend in front of a person who knows Zhou Peipei, the difficulty would be higher than the red carpet was. Fortunately, Yin Ru should be unfamiliar with Zhou Peipei, otherwise Jian Wei doubted whether she would even be able to say three sentences! 

Jiang Yi’s eyebrows knit together imperceptible. He also realized the problem. Even if it wasn’t Yin Ru, if others came over one after the other to say hello, the risk factor would be huge.

Thinking this way, he took Jian’s wrist without showing any hint of anything more between the two of them and said, “Xiao Ru, I suddenly remembered that I need to go and talk to a few people with Peipei. Let’s talk later.” 

The interrupted Yin Ru looked at the two of them and seemed to think of something. With a hint of amusement, she said, “Well, then I will not bother. You are free.” 

Jiang Yi nodded to her and immediately pulled Jian Wei away, leading her through most of the ballroom. Occasionally, other stars crossed their path, but Jian Wei didn’t even manage to glance at them before the two walked out of the hall and stopped in a quiet hallway. 

Jian Wei was worried. “It doesn’t matter right? I was a little cold, will she notice?” 

“Do you think that people in the circle have not heard of Zhou Peipei’s temper? She is coming to make connections, even if she is left out, she is psychologically prepared.” 

Jian Wei was relieved. The world really was unpredictable; when she was trying to follow the filming process of “Cold Night”, she was incomparably jealous of Yin Ru who could be in the same drama as Jiang Yi. Now when she saw Yin Ru, she ran away from her. 

Although she is wearing the skin of Zhou Peipei… 

After letting her imagine run wild, she found that Jiang Yi’s gaze was focused on the top of her dress but quickly moved away, as if he had seen something that he should not have. She was surprised, but as she looked down she found that the dress had slid down from her tugging just then. From Jiang Yi’s persepctive he could see part of her chest… 

She raised her hand and violently covered herself. Like a frightened little rabbit, her face was red, her eyes were wide, and she was looking at him almost helplessly. 

Jiang Yi originally wanted to brush over it and act naturally, but he hadn’t expected her reaction to be so intense, and it was awkward. 

With a light cough, he said nothing, just turned his back and blocked her from view of the hall door like a gentleman so that she could tidy herself. 

Jian Wei’s cheeks were scalding, she didn’t dare to think too much and arranged her dress in a fluster. In the end, she leisurely got her revenge.

Raising her head, she saw his back, with his straight shoulders and perfect waist. When he wore formal clothes his bearing was always good. His fans said that usually he was like a big cat, but at this moment he seemed to have changed into a white poplar, with every move full of elegance.

She bit her lip. It seems as if she overreacted. He acted unintentionally, but it looks like she is the one that is deliberately taking advantage… 

I have no idea where or when Jian Wei pinched Jiang Yi’s hand for it to be red. I read the previous chapter and there was no mention of any pinching/tugging… OTL

Also, for the longest time I thought that Jian Wei’s dress was red because of this chapter (I transplanted the description of Yin Ru’s dress onto Jian Wei ^^;;;)

This part is quite long.

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