Good morning/afternoon/evening.

I have been reading translated Chinese webnovels for about a year now, and like many other readers, I lament when I reach the latest chapter for a series.

When I checked the NU page for Only Starlight and saw that it hadn’t been updated/picked up since 2017, out of a desire to read the story (and seeing someone in the comments section saying they had MTL’d it) I decided to start editing machine translations.

For more about the method, please look at the “about” page.

I was unable to find an active link to the previous translator’s website and therefore couldn’t contact them about this. If you are the original translator and do not want me to continue, please let me know. Likewise if there are any non-MTL-dependent translation groups looking to pick this up 🙂

This is the sites I will be using for raws:

raw chapters 1-94

Finally, I’m doing this because I want to read this series in an enjoyable manner, that is, in understandable English. I’m sharing in the hopes that others will also enjoy these edited machine translations more than plain MTL.

– O


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