Only Starlight Chapter 13 part 2

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“Well?” he asked. 

“Ah? Good, okay…”

He turned and she lowered her head. Lights illuminated the corridor, and the two of them, standing opposite each other, remained silent. 

She looked down at her dress and recalled what Yin Ru had said. This was the first time she had dressed up like this. Before she came she was nervous and didn’t ask a single question. In the end, wearing a dress like this was embarrassing.

The door was pushed open, and Lin Hao came in followed by Lai Xiao Shuang. Catching sight of the pair they immediately smiled.

“That’s great, we’ve found you! Yi-ge, guess what? We’ve settled it.” 

Lai Xiao Shuang said, “Jing-jie, they’re coming immediately, I will bring you… to leave.” 


In other words, Zhou Peipei is back. And she is leaving… 

Jian Wei didn’t answer or move, looking subconsciously at Jiang Yi. He sighed and his expression relaxed, as if he had finally solved this big problem. 

Lai Xiao Shuang took Jian Wei’s hand, “Let’s go quickly.” Then she dragged her away. There cannot be two Zhou Peipei’s here! 

Jian Wei said, “Then, I am leaving…” 

Jiang Yi nodded. “Go. Today… thank you.” 

Jian Wei only whispered, “You don’t need to be so polite…” 

As she walked away, she looked back. Jiang Yi stood at the door of the hall, as if it were a dividing line. As soon as he turned around, he would return to that illusory, star-filled world. And she would be brought away by Lai Xiao Shuang, farther and farther from him, and farther and farther from that world. 


Jiang Yi suddenly spoke. Jian Wei turned around in surprise. Jiang Yi held the metal doorknob in one hand standing elegantly at the side of the doorway. His eyebrows raised as he smiled at her. “What Yin Ru said is true. Today’s dress is very pretty, it looks good with your skin.” 

Two hours later, Jian Wei was sitting in a crowded roadside stall, in front of two red dishes and hot and spicy crayfish. She had taken off her expensive dress, wiped off her makeup, and put on a t-shirt and jeans. She looked at the sky through a pair of black-rimmed glasses, so that nobody would connect her with the radiant girl on the red carpet. 

Lai Xiao Shuang downed a whole beer, exhaled and couldn’t stop laughing. “Ha ha ha, it’s crazy! It’s too unbelievable! Even my life has such a crazy day as this! A real version of ‘true and false princesses!’”

From leaving the venue to the present, Lai Xiao Shuang had been in a state of excitement. She still didn’t know if she believed that the person running around on the red carpet had really been Jian Wei! 

Jian Wei looked around still a little uncomfortable. She originally didn’t want to come here to eat, as there were too many people and she was always afraid that she would be recognised by someone. 

“It’s safe, la! If I said it’s fine, it’s fine!” Lai Xiao Shuang put on her gloves and grabbed a crayfish. As she peeled it she said, “Zhou Peipei is at the awards ceremony, and with how you look now, hahaha, I am not belittling you, but at this time, people who can mistake you for Zhou Peipe, their eyesight is definitely not good, or rather, it’s bad to the extreme…” 

Jian Wei was speechless for a second before finally laughing. 

The sound of men’s voices as they did huaquan mixed with the chattering laughter of girls; the white steam from the crayfish rising in sprials, the smell causing people to have to swallow their saliva. This was the world she was familiar with. The gorgeous and unreal hall of the ceremony has already faded to become nothing more than a dream. 

“Speaking of which, you and Jiang Yan really do have fate together, to do something like that together…” Lai Xiao Shuang said. 

Jian Wei had already told her about the matter at the airport where Jiang Yi had accidentally taken her away. Tonight, as a bystander to Jian Wei who had chased after the stars for so many years, and as a close friend, Lai Xiao Shuang almost envied her.

To have close contact with those idols so many times, ah… 

Jian Wei had no time to answer, as her phone rang first. She had turned it off before and it was only now that she had time to open it. It was the WeChat group with her, Pumpkin Sauce and the other fans who were chasing Jiang Yi. 

Jian Wei knew with a glance that the turn of events wasn’t good. Every time Jiang Yan participated in this kind of public event, it would create a big wave in their group. Everyone would join together to watch the live broadcasting, wherever they were. She had never been absent before, and everyone must certainly have been wondering where on earth she was. 

Sure enough, she had just groaned when Pumpkin Sauce wailed, “Ah, ah, ah, what are you doing? Tonight there is a live broadcast of gege, and from the beginning you were absent? You are being unfaithful, la???”

One after another everyone else in the group chimed in to agree. With a guilty conscience, Jain Wei quickly explained, “Something else delayed me and I didn’t have the time to watch.” 

“What is more important than gege?” 

How about walking with gege on the red carpet… 

Jian Wei unflinchingly said: “It was a very, very, super important thing.” 

Pumpkin Sauce probably thought that it involved her *, and did not continue to press the topic. Another girl named “Rice wine and dumplings” said: “Oh my god, you didn’t see it, but today on the red carpet, gege was so handsome! I can’t cope, I can’t cope!” 

Jian Wei thought of Jiang Yan, in his suit, and pursed her lips in a smile. “He was very handsome.” 

“Did you see a photo? Then you saw Zhou Peipei as well? Just mentioning this makes me angry. To be able to go together with gege is already her good luck, but then she stood so close to him. I am a bit scared now, ah. Those scandals aren’t true, right!” Pumpkin sauce said, and sent two photos. 

The first one was taken on the red carpet. It was of a girl wearing a jade green cheong sam holding the arm of the tall and upright man who was next to her, whispering and chatting together with smiles on their faces. They really looked very intimate. Jian Wei’s heart-rate sped up for half a beat, and the image seemed to imprint into her mind. This was the first picture that was taken of the two of them. It was the first time she was photographed in the media, and with him… 

After looking at it for a while, she reluctantly turned her gaze to the other picture, and her sweet and tender feelings immediately calmed down. 

In the low lighting of the hall, Zhou Peipei wore a black tube top dress with a hint of a faint smile on her lips, looking up at the stage and applauding. Jiang Yi was sitting next to her, and although the two were still very close, this time, there was no communication. 

Rice wine and dumplings said, “Zhou Peipei actually changed her dress in the middle of the event tonight, she must have her heart set on tonight’s award ceremony.” 

Jian Wei changed the subject. “The second picture is taken inside the hall. Which one of you went there?” 

“I regret to tell you that not one of us managed to snatch a ticket. This time we can only steal the picture from that old wife to lick.” 

The members of their WeChat group were famous in the Jiang Yi fan circle. The most powerful one among them was Pumpkin Sauce. Because she often ran off to go and see their deity, she was able to shoot a variety of high-definition photos, and she even started a special Weibo for Jiang Yi. “Pumpkin Sauce is Mrs. Jiang”’s fans had already exceeded thirty thousand. This small number of fans, for any other big male star, would be nothing, but for the current Jiang Yi this kind of enthusiasm was quite rare.

But every time Jian Wei praised her, Pumpkin Sauce lost her confidence. “You are terrible, you are terrible. You already have millions of fans, almost more than gege.” 

Jiang Yi currently had 1.12 million Weibo fans, and “Yuan Gulu’s diary” had 1.01 million. With regard to how much of an internet celebrity they were, they were pretty evenly matched. Only, one was created for a cat and accidentally became popular later. Afterwards, she was selfish and promoted Jiang Yi on her blog, even though people said that she received money to do so. She remembered that night, on the one hand she was furious, but on the other she thought as she held her face in her hand day-dreaming, if one day, gege’s team contacted her to promote him, she would surely do it well.

Then her reward would be to to sleep with him! ヽ(o`皿’o) 

After that, she still sometimes promoted him, but she was careful to act within the bounds of decorum so as not to disgust people.

The online chat group became noisy again as the award ceremony was over. Nobody knew if the fans who had been at the event would write up reports. If they were, it would be good if they could do it right away. For the people who couldn’t go themselves, to find out the gossip about gege from other’s words was also okay. Before, a young girl waited for Jiang Yi in the parking lot and even managed to exchange some words with him. Just looking at the description would make everyone jealous until their eyes went red.

Jian Wei propped her head up and thought sadly, it was unfortunate that her experience tonight inevitably could not be told to others, otherwise she would write a thirty thousand word report and send it out on Weibo. Those star chasing dogs who couldn’t hold their male god’s hand would surely be so envious they would die.

Here’s part 2! Can you imagine the sensation it would create if Jian Wei posted her experiences on the internet?

In other news, I’ve settled on Monday and Thursday for updates.

If/when my stockpile of chapters runs out, I may have to rethink the schedule, but for now, it’s Monday and Thursday. I’m trying to get as much done now before I go back to work (I work in education, summer holidays~) and the chapter I’m working on at the moment is double the length of the others and it’s killing meeeeee…

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