Only Starlight Chapter 14 part 1

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“When you look at the photos, who can guess that there is a conflict between the two people? They clearly look like the ideal couple!” 

Day break was particularly early in the summer, and by 10 o’clock the crew had already been working for three hours. With great difficulty they had suffered until breaktime, when all of the girls gathered together to go through Weibo. Last night’s “New Entertainment Gala” was very popular. The lead male and female actors in the crew both participated in it, so everyone was inevitably talking about it. 

One of the co-ordinators sighed ruefully. The person next to her heard what she said and leaned over to look at her screen, only to see an image of two people on the red carpet radiating light. They smiled happily, “These people are actors, they are professional.”

Last night, in addition to movie empress Zhang Siqi, who won the “Best Actress of the Year” award to nobody’s surprise, Zhou Peipei was in the spotlight the most as she won the “Most Popular Actress of the Year” and “Most Valuable Actress of the Year” awards in succession. Although this kind of award ceremony in reality was everyone sitting down to divide the rewards, but to be able to grab more than one was a symbol of status. Zhou Peipei, wearing black from head to toe, tearfully giving a speech was especially beautiful.

(lol, the Chinese version used “pork” to mean “reward” here and I was so confused)

As for Jiang Yi, he took the “Media’s Specially Recommended Actor of the Year” award, so he wasn’t in the spotlight. He and Zhou Peipei once again attracted attention, but when a reporter asked about their relationship, he replied very simply, saying that they were only colleagues and that he hoped everyone would not overthink the situation.

The co-ordinator was keenly going through the news and was about to read more when someone appeared in front of her. Smiling, she said, “Hey auntie. You are auntie, right? Everyone is waiting for you!”

Wearing a large mask over her face and holding the cat carrier in her hand, Jian Wei stood in the well-lit hallway and only after a while replied, “Oh, I see.”

If the co-ordinator had looked carefully, she would have been able to see that the little of her face that was visible was full of confusion.

Jian Wei thought that after the events of last night she would have to go. She had been preparing to act properly when they told her to leave today. That she could have this kind of experience in her summer vacation had already far exceeded her expectations. She had already accepted that from now on she should go back home and study hard.

She went back to her hotel room last night and feel asleep at once, not expecting to wake up until late in the day. She was still not clear-headed when she received a telephone call from the co-ordinator who said in a harried voice, “You need to bring Yuan Gulu here as soon as possible, we’re waiting to film.”

Ah, what?

Jian Wei was brushing her teeth in front of the mirror at a loss, the drone of the electric toothbrush echoing in the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror and her eyes are puzzled. It’s unlikely, right? That Zhou Peipei would not follow up on this account, that she would be so generous?!

The co-ordinator walked forward, “Yesterday evening the director changed the shooting schedule. Today we’re going to be shooting Yuan Gulu’s scenes, la. You still haven’t met the director yet, right?”

She took the cat carrier and gently pulled open the zipper. There were many of Yuan Gulu’s fans lurking among the cast and crew, and she was one of them. These past several days this auntie had not updated its photos and she, this little fangirl, was already going crazy.

The kitten was a pure white, soft round ball. Holding it in the crook of her arms, all of the girls crowded around, wanting to hug it with their own hands. “Let me touch, let me touch, my precious darling, ah!”

Yuan Gulu opened her eyes to reveal blue irises, then suddenly twisted her body to reveal a belly of shining white fur. Stretching like this she was the same shape as a horn, and all of the girls cupped their faces in delight and praised her. If they could of, they would have offered flowers to make her do it again.

(that last sentence, I really have no idea. The raw mentions giving flowers, but I doubt they literally gave flowers, right?)

Jian Wei looked at them absentmindedly, and suddenly thought of something. Could it be that it was a last minute revision to the shooting plan so Zhou Peipei hadn’t had time to hurry her away?!

She tried to sound them out by asking, “That, did Zhou-laoshi say anything?”

“Zhou-laoshi, did something happen with her?” The co-ordinator’s complexion changed. “Nothing’s going to go wrong again, right? We’re going to shoot in the afternoon. If it’s just that she doesn’t like the cat, the director’s really going to get angry! What a joke!”

She didn’t seem to be too worried. Soon, the assistant director came over and called everyone. Jian Wei and the co-ordinator, who was holding the cat, went over to the director.

The director was called Ye Rong, he was Taiwanese, and although he was a little plump and looked amiable, Jian Wei knew that he was quick to anger and quite intimidating. Director Ye touched the kitten’s head and smiling said, “Indeed, it really is beautiful, ah! It’s no wonder Peipei likes you!”

Zhou Peipei stood silently next to him, wearing a full professional suit with her hair pulled up into a high bun.

Jian Wei glanced at her and immediately became nervous, however, this feeling and the previous one were somewhat different. Originally, it was just because she was too difficult to get along with so she would feel pressured. Now it seemed to have increased because she felt guilty. Jian Wei’s character was easy-going, and from childhood until now, she had never been confrontational. Yesterday night, even though there had been many reasons, she had pretended to be Zhou Peipei, and so she still felt uncomfortable in her heart.

She was apprehensive, and Zhou Peipei also did not speak to the director at all.

A slightly shorter part this time. I’m currently back in the UK for the next three weeks so updates will be made on Monday and Thursday GMT.

Also, comments are greatly appreciated – I’d like to hear your thoughts regarding the chapters 🙂

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