Only Starlight chapter 14 part 2

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In a confused manner she asked, “What’s wrong, Peipei?”

If she drove her away now, that would actually be okay too. At least she wouldn’t have to worry about it and feel apologetic anymore…

“It’s nothing,” Zhou Peipei said with a faint smile, stroking Yuan Gulu’s chin. “I was just thinking that seeing such a cute cat, I want to raise one myself.”

With the problem resolved, the co-ordinator grumbled in a relieved voice that Jian Wei should not scare her. After they started working again, Jian Wei sat by herself on a chair in the corridor, looking at her brightly lit phone screen. The co-ordinator had just added her to the cast and crew’s WeChat group for “If There Is No Love”, and now she was chatting with them.

Jian Wei rested her chin on her hand and pondered. She didn’t know whether Jiang Yi and Zhou Peipei had talked about last night privately or not. Just now Zhou Peipei hadn’t looked at her at all, which was really strange. She originally thought that as soon as they saw each other she would settle the account with her. She had ended up waiting like this so that when she saw Jiang Yi she could ask him what happened.

Jiang Yi… 

She suddenly thought of something. Her heart started to beat quickly and her hands trembled a little. In a flurry she opened the WeChat group. Since it was the whole cast and crew’s group, then…

There were a dozen rows, each with four of the group members’ profile pictures. With only a quick glance, at the bottom right hand corner, she immediately saw him.

His profile picture was Garfield. The ginger cat was lying on its stomach in its bed, sleeping lazily. Unexpectedly it almost perfect reflected his personality.

At the bottom was his name, just two simple characters. As she gazed at them, they seemed like some kind of special support.

(raws said “totem”, which can mean either a special symbol, or a special support?)

This is, Jiang Yi’s WeChat… 

Jian Wei recalled that, because Pumpkin Sauce ran off to the front line so many times, she got Lin Hao’s WeChat number one night and the whole group exploded. They all forced Pumpkin Sauce to show them a screenshot of Lin Hao’s moments to examine whether or not it had any information about Jiang Yi’s daily life. However, Lin Hao’s moments were all about he and his girlfriend’s loving relationship. Not only were they all greatly disappointed, there was even a girl who stood for the “star x assistant” cp, whose dreams were shattered on the spot.

Lin Hao’s WeChat had made everyone so excited, and now, in her hands, was Jiang Yi’s WeChat!

Jian Wei touched the profile picture and stared at the words “add to friend list”, but even after a long time she didn’t dare to do it.

If she added him, would Jiang Yi accept? It was unlikely that any of these artists would add fans as their WeChat friends, right? Most likely he would refuse. But, what if he agreed? Then again, these kind of winning-the-lottery type things just didn’t happen to her.

To add, or not…

“If you want to add it, add it.” 

Jian Wei looked up sharply. Jiang Yi’s hands were in his pockets, and he was leaning against the wall smiling at her with a smile that was not quite a smile.

Jian Wei leapt up, “You, you, you…you’re here?!”

Jiang Yi’s scenes were all in the afternoon and she originally thought that he would come later.

Jiang Yi didn’t say anything, and Jian Wei remembered that she hadn’t explained, and rushed to clarify, “That, I am still here because Director Ye, he…”

“I know.” Jiang Yi said. 

Jian Wei said, “You know?” 

“I’m shooting in the afternoon, there’s nothing to be done about this.”

(this doesn’t make a lot of sense to me – it doesn’t flow at all?)

Jian Wei found that when she was facing Jiang Yi, she really wasn’t a principled person. A second ago she was still thinking about leaving, but right now she was unable to control her desire to smile. She really was too lucky. She could stay with the cast and crew, she could stay where he was…

Her eyes fell on her phone and she blinked. Wait a minute! What did he say?

“I… I can add you?” she cautiously asked. “You’ll allow it?” She gazed at him with burning eyes. This undisguised love… Jiang Yi recalled a moment ago when this girl was sitting here alone, staring at her phone with her face full of hesitation and longing. He couldn’t bare to walk away so he came over to her side.

He suddenly smiled, “I’ve already added you, didn’t you know?”

This answer… 

Her heart jumped wildly, his words… had the meaning she thought they did, right! Right!

Hi guys, posting this a little later than usual because a) I’ve been busy, and b) I wanted to finish editing another chapter before posting this one.

This chapter is shorter than the others, but it’s a cute little scene. Our FL finally has our ML’s WeChat! I doubt she’ll be sending him messages for a long time yet to come though.

As always comments appreciated and let me know if there’s any errors!

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