Only Starlight Chapter 15 part 1

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“Hey, how come you came but didn’t say anything? I was looking for you downstairs.”

The two of them turned in response to the voice and saw Lin Hao coming down the corridor. He said in surprise, “Jian-xiaojie, you’re also here ah.”

Jian Wei subconsciously hid her mobile phone behind her with the appearance of someone doing something sneaky. Jiang Yi observed her actions with his eyebrows raised.

Jian Wei said, “Lin Hao-ge…”

“Don’t be so polite.” Lin Biao waved his hand in exaggeration. “Thanks to you, I was helped a lot yesterday! I even told Yi-ge, Jian-xiaojie cares about you so deeply, and is honourable and upright, we must ask her for a meal! You are indeed the modern era’s Guan Yu!”

*Guan Yu was a general known for being a fierce fighter, famous for virtue and loyalty.

Jian Wei felt that he was teasing her and his words had another meaning, so she interrupted him hurriedly to say, “That, I still have to stay with the crew for a few more days. Is there anything that Zhou-laoshi wants me to pay attention to? What did you say about last night?”

Lin Hao also knew about these matters, and asked, “You’ve seen Zhou-laoshi. She’s not making things difficult for you, right?


“That’s fine, then. There’s nothing you need to pay attention to, try not to come into contact with her as much. In short, this kind of thing where she is deliberately asking for trouble probably won’t happen again. Rest assured.”

Jian Wei couldn’t help but glance at Jiang Yi. He said that he had a way. Although she believed him, she also didn’t expect that it could be settled so perfectly. Had he always been the one who was letting Zhou Peipei act as she wished?

Lin Hao was afraid that she would ask more questions, and said with a smile, “I heard that Jian-xiaojie is raising a cat, right? And it’s even famous! Let me have a look. I’ve seen many celebrities, but I haven’t seen a famous pet yet!”

Yuan Gulu for the past few days had mostly been in her cat carrier. Before there were many onlookers which had caused her to become a bit grumpy. When Jian Wei took it out of the bag, it was still meowing angrily, twisting her head and not looking at her. Jian Wei pinched its ears and said, “Xiao guniang is not happy.”

The cat’s hair looked soft in the sun, and its eyes were limpid and blue. Lin Hao rubbed his hands, wanting to hold it but shrinking back. “Aiya, you have such an expensive breed, I don’t dare to hold it.”

“What is it called?” Jiang Yi asked. 

Jian Wei realised he was asking about the cat and replied, “Yuan Gulu.”

Jiang Yi raised his eyebrows, “What?” 

She thought that he hadn’t heard clearly and conscientiously explained again, “Yuan Gulu. Yuan from round, gulu from stomach rumbling. Yuan Gulu. Isn’t it adorable?”

As she said it she became excited. Wow, now her male god knows not only her name, but also her cat’s name! This life was not in vain, ah!

Jiang Yi was silent for a few seconds before saying, “En, cute. It’s a good name.”

Jian Wei struggled for several seconds, but couldn’t help but look like a mother whose child was praised, and stood, holding the cat like a treasure. “Would you like to hold it? She shouldn’t be afraid of you, after all…” After all, in the office it indeed took the initiative to go towards him.

Yuan Gulu opened her huge eyes, as if it were dumbfounded as to why it was being lifted up. It supported itself on its two front legs as its hind legs hung in the air, exposing its shining white belly.

…expose, she was exposing herself Σ(°△°|||)_ 

Jiang Yi examined the cat, then looked at her, and slowly extended his hands to pick up the cat. As expected, the kitten didn’t escape, with its paws resting on his arm. Jian Wei stood nearby and reached out to stroke it. Yuan Gulu stuck out it’s small pink tongue and twisted its head to lick the back of her hand. She couldn’t help but laugh. “Itchy, don’t make trouble, la!”

She raised her head and unintentionally met his gaze. His jet-black eyes, suffused with broken light, were watching her quietly.

Her heart stopped, and everything in the surroundings became quiet.

She almost forgot how to speak.

Lin Hao used his elbow to hit Jiang Yi, asking smilingly, “How was it? Are you excited? To have intimate contact with an internet celebrity, ah!”

Her right hand was pure white, the kitten’s fur was also white. He unconsciously held her hand in the past; it was soft. He suddenly wanted to hold it again. He recalled that day when she was holding the cat and hiding under the table, looking up at him pitifully…

He lazily lowered his eyelids, “Have had intimate contact.”

Jian Wei took a deep breath and told herself to stay steady. He was talking about the cat, not her!

Lin Hao glanced at him, then look at Jian Wei, his eyes revealing a hint of embarrassment. He coughed lightly, “Oh, I almost forgot. When we weren’t paying attention, you met everyone.”

As soon as they returned to the lounge, Lin Hao’s expression changed. Jiang Yi wasn’t paying attention to him but reclining on a chair playing with his mobile phone. As time passed, Lin Hao felt that the atmosphere was becoming a bit heavy. He cleared his throat, “Don’t think I’m a gossip, but you, you really make people think too much. Tell me the truth, ah. Are you together with Jian-xiaojie, in the end…”

Jiang Yi lifted his phone in front of him and shook it. Lin Hao didn’t understand, “What are you doing?”

“Will you listen to Jing-jie’s voice message?”

After throwing out the question, and not getting a response, Lin Hao was depressed, however, to Zhu Jing’s message, he really did not dare to listen. He pressed the voice bar and the audio started playing, “Ah-Yi, I cannot come to the production today, so take care of yourself. If there are any problems call me directly.”

Lin Hao didn’t understand, “Can there still be problems now?” 

Jiang Yi replied, “Who knows, it’s Zhou Peipei after all.”

Lin Hao laughed, “Then she’s over thinking. After last night, does Zhou-laoshi still have the opportunity to look for you? The matter of her and Mr. Li – even though we knew about it we didn’t threaten her. If it were not for her causing a ruckus, we also wouldn’t have mentioned it. After all, she was the one who originally got entangled with a married man. Getting involved in affairs like this is the most unacceptable thing for female stars who are just getting popular…”

JW’s thoughts in this chapter are so adorable – she’s pleased that he even knows her cat’s name.

In the chapters that I’ve been working on recently, there have been messages from the author. After getting to the end of a chapter the last thing I feel like doing is editing the author’s message as well. I’m debating leaving just the unedited Google translate version and then perhaps coming back to edit it at a later time. What do you think? Do you guys want the author’s messages to be edited, or would it not bother you to have them unedited?

As always, comments appreciated, and if you see any mistakes please let me know!

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