Only Starlight Chapter 16 part 2

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Jian Wei smiled but didn’t answer. 

Yuan Gulu’s scenes in the afternoon went unexpectedly smoothly.

Although she was scared by Lin Zequn to the extent that she escaped the room, when she was placed in front of the camera lens, she was very calm and natural. Jian Wei suspected that the reason was because she was used to having her picture taken. The kitten was originally hidden under the white rug in the office and it blended in seamlessly. A while later, Zhou Peipei walked in barefooted, and stopped to the side, motionless. It heard the movement and a small head appeared, as if it were hesitant to explore at ease. With its ears pointed up it looked like a scouting sentinel. It didn’t expect that upon looking up it would see a familiar face. It’s expression changed and she looked at it for a long time. Everyone thought that it would escape, but the result was that it tilted its head and mewled fawningly.

“Cut!” the director shouted. “Good! This is great!”

Jian Wei was watching from the side and was also stunned. Just now the co-ordinator had told her that the scenes with animals in were often the most difficult to shoot. There are often crews who use the whole night just to get a mediocre shoot. This time, everyone was ready to re-do it many times, but they didn’t expect Yuan Gulu to be so good! Actually, thus far they had only filmed the first half of the scene. It was originally supposed to include the kitten and the heroine playing hide and seek, but in the end, the mewling of the kitten was like a god-send as it would add to the drama.

However, when she thought about it carefully, Jian Wei found that the interaction between Yuan Gulu and Zhou Peipei was a little like when she was playing with it herself. It seemed like it’s confusion over her appearance was great, ah

Due to Yuan Gulu’s good luck, the shooting in the afternoon was very fast, and after everything had finished, the co-ordinator hid to the side with Jian Wei to gossip with her, “I really think Yuan Gulu has a natural gift. Director Ye even praised it as being a good actress! Since the shooting has already finished for this drama, have you considered really developing it into a cat celebrity? In the future you could be a full-time celebrity mother!”

Jian Wei imagined not having to do anything all day, enslaving Yuan Gulu and working here and there to earn money. Sitting in front of beautiful scenery counting money. A look of yearning appeared on her face. After a  while, she sighed with incomparable regret, “It’d be better to forget about it. I’m afraid she would get too tired. And I am usually very busy. If it was not during the summer holiday, I don’t think I’d be able to come.”

The co-ordinator was very familiar with Yuan Gulu’s weibo and knew that she was still studying in university. The only reason she was able to raise a cat while living in the university dormitory was because her grandmother was a retired professor and had staff quarters. The cat was actually being raised by her grandmother. She goes their every day to eat, accompany her, and play with the cat at the same time.

“Actually, I’m quite curious. Which university are you at? It’s in Beijing, right?” the co-ordinator asked.

Jane Wei paused and did not answer immediately. 

The co-ordinator immediately said, “If you don’t want to talk about it, I was just asking, nothing else.”

Jian Wei actually didn’t have any misgivings. She did not reveal too much real-life information on the internet because of her self-protection habits, but she and this co-ordinator were quite close. From childhood she had been quite confident in her ability to make discerning friendships.

“If I tell you, don’t go online and spread it around, okay?”

The co-ordinator nodded.

Jian Wei said, “I’m from A University’s mathematics department.”

A university.

The co-ordinator stared at her for a few seconds only saying, “wow”, and “A university’s maths department. So smart!”

“You are also from our department?”

“No, no! How could I get in? It’s just that when I was in high school I met a very, very good senior and he finally got into A University’s maths department!”

Listening to her tone of voice, she had most probably been secretly in love with this senior of hers. Jian Wei thought, thinking that she was indeed very clever.

The co-ordinator said, “Calculating it, he should also be a fourth year student. How old are you? Perhaps you know him!”

“Postgraduate first year, when the new term starts I’ll be in my second year.”

“Postgraduate first year?!” The co-ordinator this time was really shocked. “But, I remember you are only 19 years old!”

“19 years and 11 months. I’ll be 20 next month.”

“That is still very young!”

Jian Wei blinked, “For our university, to attend graduate school at this age is still somewhat…”

…it really is a place where top students gather.

No, not top students!

At less than twenty years old, researching at A university’s maths department, they must be studying gods!

The co-ordinator and Lai Xiao Shuang had both never been to college. They have been mingling in the entertainment circle for a couple of years now and among the people they knew the majority were like them. 90% of the staff in the crew have relatively low academic qualifications and there was also no need for those kinds of high-quality diplomas. So to suddenly meet this golden sparkling top student from a famous school, this auntie she had been a fan of for three years, she almost replied without thinking!

So we finally find out more about Jian Wei, including how old she is and what she does. I’m a little conflicted about the author making her a maths prodigy, so I hope it pays off in the future and is explored rather than just being there to make JW “different” from other girls… What do you think?

I’m going back to Japan tomorrow, so next Monday’s update will be back to Japan time (GTM +8).

Comments are greatly appreciated (let me know what you think!) as is telling me about any mistakes you might spot!

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    1. I know. It’s such a trope, usually I don’t mind it, but somehow I just feel like it doesn’t fit in this particular novel? It usually tends to be the transmigrator/reincarnator novels, not the modern day romance novels so much.


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