Only Starlight Chapter 17 part 2

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Her sense of responsibility suddenly bubbled up and she wanted to help Gulu’s mum show off in front of her idol. Saying whatever she wanted, she exclaimed, “She also knows how to study, ah. Don’t you know? Gulu’s mum is actually a top student at a famous university. I won’t say which one, anyway, you can guess which one as it’s one of the most difficult to enter in the country. Moreover, she’s only 19 years old and she’s already in graduate school, in the department with the most leading figures, the mathematics department! Jiang-laoshi, you have this kind of talented fan!”

After she finished, everyone stared blankly.

Of the people present, only a few had gone to high-level universities. Thanks to the childhood environment that the Chinese education system caused, even mediocre students looked up to the top students, especially this “super-university-lord” – even if they didn’t understand it themselves, it was awesome.

Just like the girl who previously criticised her, even though her embarrassment was visible across her face, she still subconsciously asked, “It’s not fake, it’s true? Are you sure?”

Just then, the door was pushed open and Jian Wei, holding the cat carrier walked in, and coming beside them said, “Meng Meng, do you still need help here? If not, I will go back first.”

Yuan Gulu rolled around inside the bag. Jian Wei patted it lightly, smiled and said, “She is very energetic. If you have time after work, you can come to my room to play with her.”

She suddenly realised that the surroundings were too quiet. The co-ordinator also didn’t say a word. Raising her head she looked around curiously.

Eh, eh, eh? What happened? Why is everyone looking at her with this kind of expression? Σ(°△°|||)_ 

Jian Wei was awesome. A dozen people’s minds were all in a whirlwind, and everyone re-evaluated their opinions of her. This scene was too strange. In a split second she thought that the matter of her pretending to be Zhou Peipei had been exposed.

Her gaze fell upon Jiang Yi. He was also looking at her and there was amazement in his eyes that had not yet faded. After a while he raised his eyebrows, as if both surprised and amused, he smiled and said, “Genius girl?”

After a moment she reacted, turning her head to glare at the co-ordinator. The other party evaded her gaze due to her guilty conscience and said, “I didn’t hold back just now… but don’t worry, I didn’t say the specific name of the university.”

Jian Wei wanted to smack her head with her hand. Indeed, she had only stressed not to say it online and didn’t say she couldn’t talk about it in real-life. In any case, she should have asked her, ah

A man laughed, “Originally this little girl is this awesome, I’ve been disrespectful, disrespectful.”

Jian Wei played with her hair, a little embarrassed, “No you were still- it’s not bad, right?”

Jiang Yi glanced at Lin Zequn. His complexion did not look good, and his lips were pursed as if he wanted to ignore the situation just now. Jiang Yi sighed and said unhurriedly, “My fans, of course they would be amazing.”

Jian Wei’s heart trembled. She didn’t say anything, but the corner of her mouth rose.

Lin Zequn felt as if he had been stabbed and the space between his eyebrows jumped. He resisted the urge to walk away and thought that it was true he should ruin Jiang Yi as soon as possible. Who would have thought that he would look over at him again and say, “Lin-laoshi, those words I said this afternoon are in the script. We will be shooting it tomorrow morning. In the scene, the two of us will be rivals.”

Lin Zequn was stunned, and suddenly recalled that there was indeed such a scene. Xia, holding the cat would bring it to the office, Gu Cheng Yuan and Qin Wen, whom he played, would run into each other by accident. Gu Cheng Yuan would pick up the cat and say that line to him.

Jiang Yi clapped him on the shoulder, and using a tone that seemed like it was joking said, “I see you might have to drink a little less alcohol and remember more lines, otherwise this foolish bird really will fly first.”

Jian Wei thought that although Jiang Yi rarely shows it, he was quite ruthless when he mocked someone. As for why she thought like this? She doesn’t know, it comes from the intuition she’s honed over many years of being his wife (?).

Before, when she saw Zhou Peipei and him going tit for tat, she supposed he took into consideration that the other party was girl, so her impression of it was not as strong. Just now she had personally witnessed his abilities. Although he used a light tone and wore a smile, he stabbed the heart of the matter of what Lin Zequn held to be the most important; his professional achievements. Because his tone was extremely light and he seemed to be expressing goodwill he could mock Lin Zequn without giving him any chance to air his grievances.

Everyone at the scene all thought Jiang Yi was joking. Perhaps only Jian Wei and Lin Zequn himself knew that within those words was a hidden ridicule.

She stood alone by the curbside looking at the WeChat group on her mobile phone. She could not help but say, “I feel like I’ve discovered a completely new side to gege. It’s a little adorable. I’m still in the middle of digesting it.”

Pumpkin Sauce rapidly replied, “What did you find? Don’t tell me there is a new interview? Impossible. I don’t believe that I would get information later than you.”

Because she was busy studying, for a lot of matters related to Jiang Yi Jian Wei only found out through Pumpkin Sauce. This was also why she didn’t have a dedicated fan account on Weibo. Just taking care of Yuan Gulu’s account already used up a lot of her energy. Another point is that she really couldn’t keep up with everything. She only appeared when Pumpkin Sauce needed her help to break through the enemy’s lines.

Jian Wei deliberately replied, “Hey, don’t I have a childhood friend who mixes with the entertainment circle, she heard the news from somewhere. En, originally gege’s mouth was really poisonous.”

“Wa, poisonous tongue attribute, he’s become even cuter! He’s worthy of being my husband!” Rice Wine and Dumplings appeared and excitedly said, “Gulu Gulu, quick, go ask her if she has any other insider gossip!”

Pumpkin Sauce said, “Ai, people inside the entertainment circle, these three characters, when I see them my eyes start burning. Before, I met a sister who was chasing after Song Zhe, and who ran off to work at a fashion magazine at the beginning of the year. The other day she actually ate hot pot with Song Zhe! Although there were several people between them, I’m still envious, ah! You say, I am studying what computer sciences!”

To eat hot-pot together, Jian Wei secretly wanted to. The cast and crew would undoubtedly have a meal together, but it was equally undoubtable that she would not be able to sit together with him. Even if, by some stroke of luck, she managed to sit at the same table, she would not dare to take off her mask. To want to do this kind of thing, indeed the prospects were dull.

Just as she was comforting herself that if they did sit at the same table she would drink water, a car suddenly stopped in front of her.

The car door opened and Jian Wei looked at the man who had just left. Sitting in the driver’s seat with one hand lazily propped up on the steering wheel, he looked at her.

Jian Wei asked, “…is there something wrong?”

“Do you have time this evening?”

Jian Wei instinctively nodded. Jiang Yi raised his eyebrows and smiled, “Then get on the car. I’m inviting you to eat, to thank you for your help last night.”

Jian Wei subconsciously looked at the WeChat group. Pumpkin Sauce was lamenting, “When will we be able to eat together with gege, ah!”


Ah, Jian Wei can fulfil at least some of Jiang Yi’s fans’ desires vicariously.

I’ve added into chapter links at the top of the chapters, because I always forget what just happened in the chapter before sometimes.

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