Only Starlight Chapter 18 part 1

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The elliptical chandelier, covered in red paper, slowly turned above the table, and the shimmering light was also a faint red. The tablecloth was white and had a lace design. The girl gently played with it, twisting her fingers.

Jian Wei made a supreme effort to control herself; she hadn’t yet made a hole in cloth.

From getting on the car to smoothly alighting outside the restaurant, it had been more than half an hour, but her heartrate still hadn’t returned to normal. She could feel every beat in her chest, and her nerves were also stretched taut. Jian Wei felt she couldn’t blame herself for her chaotic state, after all, right now she had been invited out for a meal with him… and he was Jiang Yi, ah!

Her male god took the initiative to invite her out, and it was not a large gathering but rather a private meal with just the two of them!

This thought allowed Jian Wei to summon her courage and sneakily observe the person sitting across from her. Looking directly at her he asked, “Is there anything you want to eat?”

Jian Wei was startled and forcefully calmed herself down. “I can eat anything, I’m not picky about food.”

“I already chose the restaurant, as for what we should eat, you can decide.”

When she was in the car, Jiang Yi asked her where she wanted to go to eat, but her head was so full of her swirling thoughts that she replied anywhere would be okay and let him decide everything.

Thinking to here, she hesitantly said, “You really want to ask me to have a meal?”

Jiang Yi replied, “Jian-xiaojie, we are already at the table.”

Jian Wei said in great embarrassment, “I just thought it was unexpected, I didn’t think you would…”

“Even Lin Hao said that you helped me so much, I ought to take you out for a meal. Why, in your heart do I not know how to be grateful?”

He was wearing a smile that was not quite a smile, and Jian Wei didn’t dare to say anything more, but closed her mouth like an obedient child.

Just then, a waitress holding a menu came over. The girl smiled sweetly. Jiang Yi’s and Jian Wei’s faces were hidden, but she didn’t look twice at them. It was as if she was facing two regular customers.

“May I ask if you two are ready to place your orders?”

Jiang Wei remained calm, and this was not unexpected for Jian Wei. If he dared to bring her here it was certainly only after consideration. Apparently, this restaurant was safe. She was also going note it down so that she could come again later.

Jiang Yi gestured to the girl, and the waitress handed a menu over to Jian Wei. Jian Wei flipped through the pages, thinking that reading was the easiest way to make her calm down. Even just looking at the menu managed to calm her mood a little.

“Hey, one plate of steamed beef, without garlic, one pineapple shrimp salad, one serving of honey glazed chicken wings, ah, I want the boiled frogs, a little spicy but with no coriander…”

Jiang Yi listened, and finally thought that he’d heard wrongly. He looked at Jian Wei. Her head was bowed over the menu she was flipping through, her eyes focused as she looked seriously at it. The dishes she ordered were all very common. Although there were somewhat expensive and rare items on the menu, she directly skipped them. Jiang Yi thought that she couldn’t be doing it in order to save her money…

The dishes she ordered, some he used to love, some he loved now, taking into consideration all of the foods he didn’t like, everything had been mentioned in an interview…

She knew about it.

Jian Wei lifted up her head, “There’s only two of us, is four dishes too many, ah?”

“It’s okay. Let’s order two more.” He said slowly, “You have to choose something you like to eat.”

Jian Wei looked up, suddenly becoming conscious that her actions of “loving the male god” had been seen through. Her face immediately became a little hot, and she stealthily looked at Jiang Yi. He looked very calm, as if he had just casually spoken, and had no other meaning.

She said in a casual voice as she passed the menu back, “That’s all. As I said before, I’m not picky about food, I love everything…”

The menu didn’t reach the waitress’ hands, as Jiang Yi’s long arm stretched out and took it half way. He flipped it a few times, “Is there any salmon today?”

“Yes, it was fresh from Hokkaido this morning.”

“Good, then we’ll have two grilled salmon.” Jiang Yi explained, “This shop’s salmon is very good. The chef’s skills are also very good, you must try it.”

Jian Wei nodded like a chicken pecking rice. Good, good, good, to eat anything was good, just let this topic pass! ヽ(o`皿’o)ノ 

The waitress left and Jian Wei sighed in relief. Just now she indeed took the wrong medicine. Looking at the menu her mind had automatically thought to Jiang Yi’s preferences, without realising that she was sitting in front of the person himself.

Fortunately, her male god was considerate. He knew she was a sensitive girl and handled the matter tactfully. The breeze is gentle and the clouds are light (I think this is a reference to something?). Such a shameful thing, if he deliberately mentioned it again, she would really want to die from embarrassment!

Afterall, she doesn’t want to come across like an obsessed fan at all times!

She almost shed tears of gratitude that it had passed. Jiang Yi, who didn’t know what she was thinking, said as they looked at one another, “You remembered.”


The corner of his mouth slowly showed a smile. He covered his mouth with a hand and lightly coughed, “You remembered, those dishes just now, are ones I like. I won’t lose to the bullfrog.”

Jian wei, “…”

Who was thoughtful, it was an illusion?! /(tot)/~~ 

This was the first time Jian Wei had lost face like this. She thought it couldn’t get any worse, but contrary to her expectations, the whole meal was relaxed.

Apologies! I’m so sorry this chapter is a day late – I had the worst time yesterday – a typhoon hit Tokyo during the night so I couldn’t sleep, and then in the morning all (ALL!) of the train lines were closed until 9am. I was queuing trying to get down to the platform for close to half an hour at one point, and had to let ten trains go past as I couldn’t even get on them..

Needless to say, the very last thing I felt like doing was proof-reading the chapter (because I want to make sure it’s mistake-free for you guys ^^) so here it is, a day late >_<;;;

Hope you enjoy it~

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