Only Starlight Chapter 18 part 2

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The grilled salmon was delicious. The meat was fresh and tender, and it was fragrant when eaten. Jian Wei had only eaten one mouthful when her eyes narrowed in satisfaction. The most important point was that she praised Jiang Yi’s taste in food.

The two also chatted. In the beginning Jian Wei was worried that the silence would be awkward, and wanted to take the initiative to make conversation, but found out later that when she was silent Jiang Yi would naturally pick up the conversation. Moreover, the topics were much better than the ones she chose.

“My school, ah, actually it’s A University, la. Meng Meng was afraid I would get angry so she didn’t say it, but it’s also not good to conceal it.” Jian Wei said.

“You’re 19 years old and already researching, how old were you when you started university?”

“15 years old…”

It is indeed young enough, Jiang Yi’s lips formed a smile, “You really are a genius girl.”

Jian Wei felt a little embarrassed. “In reality, there’s no such thing, la. I also didn’t like skipping grades. In elementary school I skipped two grades, in junior high school I could have jumped again but I didn’t want to. I was always changing classmates, and I didn’t have any close friends to play with. As a result I started high school when I was 14, which can still be called normal…”

Jiang Yi’s eyebrows were raised, “If you were 14 years old when you were a first year high school student, how did you go to university at the age of 15?”

“When I was in my first year, I wrote a paper and my grandmother helped me send it to an academic periodical. Oh, that’s right, my grandmother is a professor at A University. Afterwards, my paper was published and I was specially recruited by A University…”

Jiang Yi felt that the name of the periodical that Jian Wei said sounded a little familiar. Thinking a little deeper, he remembered that he had seen one of his younger female cousins who went to an international school reading the same periodical. Of course, it was their grade’s mandatory reading assignment. His cousin had said at the time that it was one of the leading science periodicals in the world…

Jiang Yi was silent for a while before picking up his cup and swallowing. Jian Wei saw him looking weirdly at her and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Jiang Yi replied, “It’s nothing, I was just thinking that you can’t judge a book by its cover.”

He looked at Jian Wei’s familiar face. From a professional point of view, her and Zhou Peipei’s appearance could be classified into the loveable, sweet type, the standard face for a female idol. It was only that Zhou Peipei was usually too imposing, thus diluting her good-looks. But Jian Wei was different. When she opened her big, deer-like eyes and stared at you in confusion, she truly looked adorably naïve.

She was such an innocent, pure girl, but she had such an amazing background. As an art student who, from childhood, has always had ordinary grades, and specialised in music at university, Jiang Yi was unable to understand the world of a top student…

Jian Wei thought about it, then thought about it again, and decided. In Jiang Yi mind, she must seem foolish, and didn’t at all look like someone who could get into A University.

Thin-lipped she snorted in dissatisfaction and decided to ignore him. She took a large bite out of the fish and chewed hard. Her sulking look was seen by Jiang Yi who couldn’t help but smile.

He didn’t want to seem too arrogant, but after knowing about her education, to think that such an intelligent girl was his fan, he couldn’t help but feel honoured.

Inside the private room, neither of them spoke for a while and peacefully ate their food. Jian Wei resolved to finish her salmon, and thought that her speed was quite fast, but when she looked up she saw the Jiang Yi’s plate was already empty. He had just started on the boiled bullfrogs.

He even wanted to fight over this with her?!

Jian Wei clenched her teeth and looked at him. He didn’t notice and continued to focus on eating. The light shone down on his face. Slowly, she forgot that she was unhappy with him and her mind started to wonder.

Like many of his fans, Jian Wei was always worried about whether Jiang Yi was eating and sleeping well. He was quite thin and everyone began to worry that he wasn’t eating properly. He later said in an interview that he easily loses weight and that he had always been slim. In recent years, the people around him revealed that he actually really liked to eat. Jian Wei had always been sceptical about this, after all, she had also heard there were a lot of celebrities who, after participating in big banquets, would make themselves sick.

Tonight she could finally see with her own eyes that what they had said was true, and he was not like other celebrities who were on those kinds of painful diets.

That it was like this, she was really glad.

Delicious food was one of the best things in the world, and she didn’t want him, for any reason, to miss out on it.

Jian Wei stared at him for a long time. When he chewed his food and sipped his drink, his neck was long and straight, and his adam’s apple moved up and down as he swallowed. It was somewhat sexy, and also very cute.

The feeling that everything was a dream came again. Once upon a time, she could only comment his Weibo, telling him to eat well and take care of himself. Those messages, mixed among all the others, were nothing special.

But now, she was sitting opposite him, watching him eat the dishes she ordered for him…

Jiang Yi tried hard to ignore it, but the gaze from the person opposite him was getting hotter and hotter, it was like it was sticking to his body. Helplessly he looked up and their eyes met. She didn’t know what she was thinking, but she didn’t avoid or dodge it. Her pupils were like bright stars.

His teasing comment was stuck in his throat. He looked at her and suddenly remembered last night.

Under the gaze of ten thousand on the red carpet, with vast crowds on all sides, under the incessant camera flashes that made it practically impossible to open your eyes, she turned to look at him. By rights she should have been nervous, afraid, but at the same time as her eyes found him and she fell on him, in that instant, she shone brilliantly.

That sort of dependence and trust, it felt like no matter how big the challenge was, no matter how many untold dangers or difficulties there were, as long as he was beside her she would not longer be afraid.


He suddenly opened his mouth, rousing Jian Wei who was sitting opposite him. He gazed at her, and inside his eyes there was actually a thread of bewilderment, “I’m a little curious, what is it you like about me?”

I’m on time today guys!

I mention this because I edited it out when I was proof-reading, but an awful lot of Chinese novels use the phrase “swallowed his/her saliva” and I always find it odd in English. If it’s in fear, anticipation or dread, “gulped” is more natural word choice, and if it’s in lust (haha) “swallowed” by itself conveys it, I feel. There’s no need to be going into bodily fluids… What do you guys think?

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