Only Starlight Chapter 19 part 1

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Chapter 19 part 1

In the quiet private room, Jiang Yi saw that after she heard his question, the girl stared blankly, as if she had never anticipated him asking such a thing.

In fact, he started regretted asking the question the second he had spoken. As an actor, to be liked by fans was completely normal. Over the years, he had become accustomed to the strong love and hate from complete strangers. It was his question that was strange. It even made him think of those romantic movies – only your lover would be able to answer this kind of question.

The thought made him suddenly stand up. She also awoke from her daze and followed his actions with her eyes. He felt unexpectedly nervous. Forcing himself to be calm, he faced her and smiled, “Sorry. I’m going to go to the bathroom.”

He left like lightening, almost as if he was fleeing from something. Jian Wei gazed at his retreating figure. Inside her mind there was only one thought: a moment ago did she just miss the opportunity to confess to her male god?!

Probably because the beginning was too full of ups and downs, the next period of time with the cast and crew was very calm for Jian Wei.

Lai Xiao Shuang finally contacted her and as expected, she really was fired by Zhou Peipei. Luckily, Zhu Jing saw her performance during the red carpet incident and agreed to keep her by her side as an assistant. In any case, Lai Xiao Shuang didn’t have to join the unemployed army.

She could no longer follow along with the group, however, and came over to pack up all of her stuff. Jian Wei felt reluctant to say goodbye to her. She thought the whole matter had been troublesome and so she went over to help Lai Xiao Shuang. The result was that after Lai Xiao Shuang left, she was the only one in the room.

The following few days, Yuan Gulu didn’t have any scenes so Jian Wei simply didn’t go to the filming set. She stayed in her room and was busy everyday with studying, eating, sleeping, and going out in the evenings for some air.

The TV series “Cold Night” starring Jiang Yi and Yin Ru as the main leads was going to be aired soon.

During one conversation Jian Wei had with Lai Xiao Shuang, the latter had told her that this year was a crucial year for Jiang Yi’s career.

Generally speaking, in the entertainment circle, female stars would be more than famous than male stars of the same age. At this stage, in the current generation there were already many female stars who could stand alone in the role of the female lead, for example, Zhou Peipei. In contrast, male actors were in the embarrassing situation of being in “short supply”.

The famous male actors born before 1985 were already over thirty years old and had moved on to films and main stream TV series. For the 85 and 90s generations, it was difficult to become famous. Among the numerous idol dramas it was hard to choose who would grow into being able to carry a TV series. They could only make do with unpopular male actors and rely on the popular female actresses to play the leading role and draw in the views and sell the drama.

However, it seemed that this situation was going to change soon. Seven or eight of the much-anticipated TV dramas that were going to air this year would star male actors from the current generation. If a few of these dramas exploded in popularity, then the actors would also blow up. As a result, industry insiders were predicting that this year would be a major year for actors.

Under such circumstances, whether or not Jiang Yi would be able to stand out from the fierce competition and show-case his talents to become a senior actor was of crucial importance. If he didn’t succeed, he would still be able to act, but the situation would have changed.  Now, no one was particularly popular, so everyone had almost equal opportunities, but if a young male actor could boost TV ratings, they would be the clear target for investments. At that time, even if there were companies who offered roles, the ability of Jiang Yi to seize them would have significantly decreased.

Those who were popular could gain opportunities to make themselves even more so, while those who were not would not get any chances to change their fates. Like this, the gap would only get wider.

Jian Wei was told by Lia Xiao Shuang that it was as if Jiang Yi was facing the enemy. In April, as expected, Lin Zequn relied on the explosion of “Dahan Feiyan” to become the first one to show his ability to stand amongst the new generation of male actors.

When she heard this, Jian Wei wanted to wave her arms and shout loudly: don’t wait for me, the year is already half over, my male god, you have to hurry, ah!

Under the eager anticipation of Jian Wei, “Cold Night” finally aired! This was Jiang Yi’s first drama in which he played the lead role. It was also his first drama to broadcast this year, and he shouldered the heavy responsibility of the lead part.

As his die-hard fan, Jian Wei was more excited than ever. Together with the others in the group, she vowed that she would sacrifice herself for this drama.

Her many years in the idol-chasing career had allowed Jain Wei to learn that for a fan’s love for their idol was capable of training all kinds of skills. For example, for the sake of Jiang Yi she had learnt how to use photoshop, how to edit videos, even how to write articles! As a mathematical prodigy, the first time she finished writing about one of his characters, she was moved. Although her writing wasn’t good…

During this time, everyone in the group was constantly messaging. Everyday they found time to get together to discuss how to promote the drama and get the data together. Jian Wei, who was known as the technology emperor, was responsible for photoshopping the publicity materials. She cut the trailers to different lengths and spliced different scenes together so they were suitable for everyone to use to promote the series.

Jian Wei felt like she must have been bewitched. Jiang Yi was five minutes away in the TV studio, but she didn’t go and see the living god himself, rather she stayed in the hotel editing his pictures. These lofty sentiments could move even China’s best fans.

Of course, she also cared about the situation of the cast and crew. Co-ordinator Li Meng had replaced Lai Xiao Shuang, and had thus become the best channel for her to inquire about the news. She told Jian Wei that whether it was Jiang Yi, Zhou Peipei or Lin Zequn they were all working hard every day, and at least on the surface, everything seemed normal.

After a week spent like this, Jiang Yi also asked to leave the group to take part in “Cold Night”’s promotional activities. Everything appeared to be going well. She just needed to wait for “Cold Night” to be broadcast as scheduled. Every day she supported her male god’s new drama as a singing and dancing star-chasing dog.

But she didn’t expect that at this critical juncture an unforeseen event would occur.

This unforeseen event was Lin Zequn.

The cause was an interview. When he was popular last time there were quite a few interviews and articles about him. Jian Wei hadn’t cared before, but this time was different because Jiang Yi was mentioned in the interview.

“Although he is a newcomer who graduated not long ago, Lin Zequn has an extremely high talent for acting. For example, while shooting “If there is no love” he worked together with Jiang Yi and Zhou Peipei. He not only received praise from the director and Zhou Peipei, but also gave guidance and assistance to Jiang Yi, a singer who has since started acting.

“Owing to insufficient preparation, Jiang Yi continuously ng’d during filming, but Lin Zequn did not become angry, instead patiently discussing the scene with Jiang Yi before finally helping him complete it together.

“At the same time, Lin Zequn has always been extremely strict of the standard he requires of himself. While shooting he never goes out to drink or relax. When the other male actors occasionally go out to drink and relax, he will try to persuade them to look at the script more, provoking them to tease him as being an old man in a young person’s body body. Apparently this is also a joke.” 

Sorry, sorry. In my defence, yesterday was a national holiday in Japan so my brain hasn’t registered that today is not Monday.

Recently I’ve been spending all of my time reading and not translating >_<;;; First it was The Charm of Soul Pets and now I’ve moved on to Tyrannical Wang’s Beloved Wife (don’t judge me…).

Anyway, Lin Zequn, oh Lin Zequn…

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