Only Starlight Chapter 19 part 2

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After reading it, Jian Wei was stunned. She knew about the scene mentioned in the article because the co-ordinator told her about it. That scene had indeed been troubling. There were many unexpected factors, and Jiang Yi had already been filming all day and was very tired, while Lin Zequn has only just started work. Even so, both people are responsible for an NG which was not said in the article at all!

As for the final paragraph, she was even more speechless. Although not directly mentioned by name, but the preceding part of the text, “other male actors” was clearly referring to Jiang Yi. Jian Wei thought back to the day when Jiang Yi had mocked him, and was convinced that this was Lin Zequn’s revenge.

Pumpkin Sauce roundly abused him in the WeChat group, “F*ck, how can there be such a low person, ah! In this many years mixing in this circle, I have never seen this kind of interview that co-operates to directly step on and drag their target! Disgusting! Dirty!”

Jian Wei understood her anger. Generally speaking, everyone in the circle got along. Even if their relationship in reality wasn’t good, on the surface it was important to at least act like it, especially when it involved their professional life. For example, Zhou Peipei and Jiang Yi were in conflict with one another, but in front of reporters, she would praise Jiang Yi’s acting skills and his dedication to his work, and Jiang Yi would do the same. In fact, even film emperors who have been famous for many years would very rarely criticism young actresses’ and actors’ skills in front of the media.

But Lin Zequn did this. Or, so to speak, his team did it.

If you NG’d many times while filming, your acting skills were not good; if you went out to drink while filming, it was said that you weren’t dedicated to your work. For Jiang Yi as an actor, these were the two most important things, and a basin of dirty water had been thrown over them.

The most annoying thing was that it was not an online article, but an interview in a print magazine that had extremely high sales in the Beijing area. It was not for the netizens but for the mainstream.

What it ruined was the image of Jiang Yi in the hearts of the real audience! They even chose the time when his promising drama was about to be aired.

The co-ordinator said that Jiang Yi did not have any scenes that afternoon or evening and he was not on the set. Jian Wei suspected that he had returned back to his room, but she couldn’t go around to his room and try to find him. Moreover, there was another voice in her heart that said he shouldn’t be in his room at this time.

She was circling around the hotel when she suddenly remembered that in an interview Jiang Yi had said that when his mood wasn’t good, he liked to play tennis.

She remembered that there was a tennis court next to the hotel.

It was dusk, and the sun was sinking in the sky, giving off a golden light.

There were four empty courts. He was standing inside one, wearing a white short-sleeved sports top and shorts, that showed his strong arms and legs. His movements were lithe, and every time he jumped he was full of strength, like an eagle, the racket in his right hand like a wing.

The sunlight illuminated him and in that split second it seemed like he was flying in the golden light.

Jian Wei was unable to look away from him. Her footsteps slowly approached and his appearance became more and more distinct. She had hidden herself carefully, and also didn’t understand why she was walking towards him. She just thought in the evening, until he saw her she could watch him a little.

She suddenly heard the wind rushing as something came flying towards her. Jian Wei hadn’t managed to react when the ball hit the ground in front, bounced up and hit the wire fencing behind her!

Jian Wei’s legs went soft and she sat down heavily on the ground.

Lin Hao only then discovered her and said in astonishment, “Jian-xiaojie, how come you’re here?”

Jiang Yi bypassed the net and walked up to her in a few strides. He looked down at her from above. Jian Wei looked back up at him blankly. After a while she swallowed and said, “You, you scared me to death.”

Because of the sunlight from behind, Jiang Yi’s expression was indistinct. He paused before extending his right hand towards her. Jian Wei held it and borrowed his strength to stand up. She was still in shock and doubt, but heard Jiang Yi say, “Let’s see whether or not you still dare to sneakily come in next time.”

Jian Wei was stumped for words, what, what did he mean?

With a hoarse voice she said, “You did that deliberately?”

Jiang Yi ignored her and strode to the edge of the court where water and towels were placed. He tilted his neck and drank half a bottle of water, then wiped his sweat. Only then did he turn around and look at Jian Wei.

The girl was still standing in the same place, with her lips pursed, not saying a word as if she felt aggrieved.

Lin Hao couldn’t stand it anymore and explained, “Just now it was very dangerous. The speed of the tennis ball if very high. If Jiang Yi didn’t notice you, or if he wasn’t as skilled, you would probably have been injured, ah! Jian-xiaojie, you aren’t an outsider, if you want to watch Yi-ge playing tennis you should just come in!”

Jian Wei stared. Her heart which was full of grievances immediately changed into a feeling of guilt. She solemnly glanced at Jiang Yi, “I didn’t do it on purpose. Mainly because you played too well, I accidentally became captivated…”

Jiang Yi’s movements stopped, but Jian Wei had already discovered that she’d said something she hadn’t meant to say and held her head in annoyance. Lin Hao held back a smile, and coughed to cover it up. Jiang Yi looked at him with cool eyes and he immediately stared up at the sky, “Aiya, I suddenly want to go to the toilet, ah. You continue to talk, I’ll be back.”

The assistant ran fast, leaving only the two people on the empty court. Jian Wei stared at her toes and didn’t speak. Jiang Yi watched her for a moment, and suddenly smiled. “You’re not hiding from me now?”

Ah? Jian Wei was stunned.

Jiang Yi sat down on the steps and put his hands on his knees. It was a relaxed pose. With his head to the side he looked at Jian Wei, “You haven’t appeared recently, don’t tell me you’re hiding from me?”

Jian Wei said, “I…why would I want to hide from you, ah?”

Jiang Ji said leisurely, “Who knows, perhaps it’s because you’re afraid I would ask you why you like me again.”

Jian Wei took two seconds to understand what he meant.

He thought because he asked her that question that evening, it made her embarrassed so she didn’t dare to go and join the cast and crew?


Jian Wei blinked and looked at him, “Wasn’t it you who hid from me first?”

We finally have a conclusion for the restaurant scene!

On another note, I feel like this story really shows how obsessive fans can be. Jian Wei’s our FL but I still feel like she knows too much about Jiang Yi sometimes. It’s difficult for me to imagine them in a relationship. Easily Set Aflame also deals with this narrative, but the FL is older and her obsession isn’t to the same extent. I’m interested to see how the relationship between them pans out with such an imbalance in knowledge…

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