Only Starlight Chapter 20 part 1

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Jiang Yi’s expression was awkward.

The face of the girl in front of him was full of innocence, as if she was purely curious. But her words instantly made him recall that night and his moment of nervousness and panic.

He seemed to have placed himself in a difficult position without realising it.

Jian Wei observed his expression. Looking back in hindsight, it would seem that she spoke too quickly? Her male god seemed as if he was quite embarrassed, ah

“Stupid,” she scolded herself, and forcibly changed the topic, “That, recently I haven’t been going to the set because I’ve been doing something else, la. I’ve been busy…”

She suddenly paused. Her eyes radiating light she whispered, “You noticed that I didn’t go to the set?”

Wow, her existence already means this much? He wasn’t trying to find her, right?

Jiang Yi looked at her and knew what she was expecting. After a few seconds of silence he said, “En, everyone was looking for you cat everyday.”

Jian Wei frowned. What, it was all because of Yuan Gulu – she was jealous!

Her sulking appearance was really childish. A hint of a smile appeared in Jiang Yi’s eyes and he added, “Of course, we were trying to find you as well.”

Only then did a smile spread across her face, and she said, “I’m sorry for inconveniencing you, la, I didn’t expect everyone to miss me so much. Ai, next time you should say something, after all, I am quite busy.”

“What are you busy with?”

Helping to promote your new drama, ah

Jian Wei said with a straight face, “It’s a secret. I’m not telling you.”

She was thinking about sitting down next to him. He seemed to notice her thoughts and stretched out a hand.

Jian Wei was puzzled. Jiang Yi looked back and found another clean towel. After spreading it out on the ground he said, “Sit.”

Jian Wei looked down at the short skirt she was wearing and her mouth couldn’t help but curl up into a smile. “Thank you.”

The two people sat together on the steps at the edge of the tennis court. Jian Wei thought that this scene seemed quite familiar. It was like a school sportsfield, where sweethearts would display their affection brazenly everyday…

This thought made her somewhat shy, and she promptly discarded these distracting thoughts. She imitated him and stared into the distance. After a long time she suddenly laughed softly, “Looks like an egg yolk.”

Jiang Yi was puzzled. Jian Wei gestured and said, “Look at the sunset, doesn’t it really look like an egg yolk? I’m hungry. Have you eaten dinner yet? If not, shall we go and eat – this time I’m the one asking you.”

Jiang Yi said, “You came to find me just to ask me for a meal?”

Jian Wei’s expression flickered and Jiang Yi thought something was wrong. After pondering for a while, he understood, “You saw the interview?”

Jian Wei saw that she couldn’t conceal it from him anymore and nodded her head.

Jiang Yi drawled, “So someone was afraid that I wouldn’t feel like eating anymore and came over to send warmth (cheer up/take care of)?”

Jian Wei paused, then said, “No, ah, I was afraid that you wanted to beat up Lin Zequn so I came over to help you.”

Jiang Yi held his head and chuckled. In the golden light of the setting sun, his side profile looked handsome. A few strands of hair were stuck to his forehead from the sweat of exercising. There was no difference between his appearance now and those boys at school.

But he had just been stabbed in the back by a colleague.

Jian Wei couldn’t help but ask, “You aren’t angry?”

“Do you think I should be angry?”

Jian Wei looked at him but didn’t speak. Jiang Yi said lightly, “Well, it would be a lie to say I’m not angry. Just a little.”

“Only just a little?”

“To survive in this circle these kinds of dirty tricks are unavoidable. If you can’t learn to adapt and adjust yourself then you will only end up being unhappy.”

He spoke cheerfully, but his words made Jian Wei’s heart hurt. Of course, he was walking this road. She had heard that there were a lot of set-backs, not mentioning the many others, it was them, these fans, who didn’t understand at all.

Jiang Yi thought of something and suddenly asked, “You haven’t been arguing with people on the internet, right?”

Jian Wei pursed her lips. When the article had just come out, for a period of time she was furious and really did argue with people…

Jiang Yi remained silent.

He had seen his online fans fighting to support him twice. Frankly speaking, whether or not they could win the argument depended on whether or not their idol was popular enough. If their idol happened to be at the peak of his career and had many die-hard fans, sometimes even unreasonable matters could be justified.

This matter with him and Lin Zeqeun, even if he had an advantage, it would still be difficult to say who would win and lose in the end.

He sighed lightly and leaned back, tilting his head towards her, he smiled, “To like an actor like me, I must worry you right?”

Jian Wei didn’t know how to reply.

Jiang Wei added, “Ai, if the one you liked was Lu Anjie you could be as unreasonable as you wanted when arguing.”

Lu Anjie was the winner of their singing competition, while Jiang Yi was the runner-up. Unlike Jiang Yi who had already moved into acting, Lu Anjie had focused on his singing career and he already had a certain position in the music business.

Actually, Jiang Yi could also have focused on singing exclusively, but two years after the competition he suddenly cancelled his contract. His career was greatly affected and he also lost a lot of money. He had faded out from the entertainment circle after a few years to concentrate on his university work. When he re-appeared he signed with his current company and began to act.  

As for why he cancelled his contract, there were many different theories but so far none of them had been proven.

Jian Wei was naturally clear on his wishes. But without knowing why, when she saw him mocking himself like this, her heart felt particularly sad, “He slandered you like this, he damaged your reputation, is there nothing you can do?”

Jiang Yi looked at Jian Wei. He could see in her eyes there was a clear unwillingness and anger. Even though he hadn’t known her for very long, he knew that she actually had quite a carefree temperament and was happy most of the time. The only times she had become angry or sad were all due to him.

A voice sounded in the distance. It was Lin Hao returning.

He looked at Jian Wei, his expression a little complicated. Jiang Yi was puzzled, so Lin Hao coughed and said, “Yi-ge, could you come over here, there’s something I want to discuss with you.”

Jiang Yi also looked at Jian Wei. She immediately made a “please” gesture. He followed Lin Hao to one side. The assistant handed him a phone and whispered, “Look at this.”

It was a Weibo page. Jiang Yi’s brows instantly knit together because he was familiar with the name.

Yuan Gulu’s dairy: I thought that doing your work well and respecting others is a principle all adults understand. But apparently that is not the case. Standing on someone else’s shoulders may perhaps be tolerated, but stepping on their heads is too much.”

This post which seemed to have no rhyme nor reason caused many fans to ask in the comments what was going on. Very quickly someone offered an explanation, “Isn’t auntie Jiang Yi’s fan? Today Jiang Yi and Lin Zequn were involved in a conflict, you can look for the details yourself.”

After they understood the situation everyone came back and started to comment, “Wow, that article is really embarrassing, ah, if I remember correctly isn’t Lin Zequn only 21 years old, and he’s already selling out his seniors! Support him!”

“The boat of friendship had already been overturned. But they’re still in the middle of shooting a drama, to stab him in the back now, I bet the next days are going to be exciting…”

“As the fan the female lead, I only hope that they don’t accidentally harm my Peipei when they’re fighting, [smile][smile]”

Jiang Yi turned to look back at Jian Wei. She was standing in the same place as before, her hands behind her back and her head lowered, apparently earnestly contemplating the concrete underneath her feet.

(wasn’t she sitting before, or did I miss something?)

He walked over and showed her the phone, “When you said arguing, where you referring to this?” He originally thought that she had only argued with people on anonymous forums.

Jian Wei glanced at the screen and subconsciously took it out of his hands. The matter of the interview made everyone in the group explode. After discussing, it was unanimously decided that this time Lin Zequn had been far too excessive, even insulting Jiang Yi’s professional conduct, and said that they would not tolerate any more.

Pumpkin sauce and the many other Weibo fans all made their attitude clear and the made an effort to guide the other fans to make adequate preparations for the coming fight. The ultimate goal was the force the magazine to apologise.

After thinking it over, Jian Wei also sent out a message, although it was subtler than Pumpkin sauce’s and the others’. She had to take into consideration that she had many fans, so it was better to be a little restrained. Jian Wei scrolled through the comments below and her heart was happy.

Although Lin Zequn made things ugly, apart from his die-hard fans, normal people probably wouldn’t help him. However, the ability of fans to control the field was sometimes quite strong, and she did not wish for the public opinion to be distorted by them to “Jiang Yi’s acting skills aren’t good, he’s not dedicated to his work, Lin Zequn was wrong to say it publicly, but it was only that he was too honest”…

It appears that her guidance worked. The first impression is very important and she seized the key moment. If Lin Zequn’s wanted to brainwash everyone again, it would not be so easy.

She felt very happy. It was just like the previous times when Jiang Yi ran into trouble, together with her comrades they would make a move. They would clean up the front lines and Jiang Yi’s team would come out to do PR, and everything would go smoothly.

She looked up and suddenly noticed that Jiang Yi hadn’t said a word. Hesitantly raising her head she found that he looked grave and wasn’t looking at her at all.

Jian Wei said, “…What’s wrong?”

Jiang Yi looked at her and felt his temples start pounding.

Weibo, she actually posted on Weibo! Did she forget that the entire cast and crew knew this was her account?

Even Lin Hao noticed it, it could be seen how many hours ago it was sent out! This move could perhaps pressure Lin Zequn’s team, but she was still working with the crew. Didn’t she think about how Lin Zequn would see her after he had seen it?

Jian Wei was still looking at him. He suddenly felt exhausted. He had only slept for three hours last night and apart from filming during the day, he had also had to discuss with Zhu Jing how to handle the interview. His head pounded dully.

Taking a deep breath, he said, “I’m grateful that you wanted to help me, but you don’t need to help me with this. It is my issue, and I can handle it on my own.”


He interrupted her, “Actually I wanted to say earlier, I have always thought that there’s nothing particularly special about me that is worthy of you acting this way. You helped me on the red carpet, and afterwards there have been many similar things, you should think about yourself first, okay.”

Thinking of these past days, she had experience many things because of him. In the end he said, “I hope that liking me is something which makes you feel happy. If one day I bring you many more troubles and make you unhappy, then you… should stop liking me.”

The evening sun shone on their bodies, casting two elongated shadows.

Jian Wei stood in a daze, not knowing what to say.

Jiang Yi gave a heavy sigh, turned around and left. He had barely walked two steps when a cold voice sounded out behind him, “In your heart…”

He turned. The girl stared straight at him and said word by word, “In your heart, my feelings towards you are so superficial?”

Just like Zhou Peipei, Jiang Yi also had a presidential suite on the 23rd floor of the hotel, except that Zhou Peipei’s room was on the left hand side of the corridor, and his was at the end on the right.

At this moment, the spacious room was very quiet. Jiang Yi was lying down on the sofa in the living room, his head on the arm rest, his legs hanging off the other end. There was only a single light on and the orange light was somewhat dusky. His left hand was on his forehead and his eyes were closed in sleep.

On the coffee table next to him was a phone in the middle of a video call, but no one was on the other end. A few seconds later Zhu Jing appeared on the screen. She seemed to have just finished talking to people, went out of screen again, and “en” could be heard twice. Only then did she appear and say, “Good, let’s continue speaking.”

Jiang Yi opened his eyes and two seconds later sat up, looking at the screen with an indifferent smile, “Go on,”

Zhu Jing said, “I asked about the situation. The magazine has already been printed and it will be being distributed to shops soon. Recalling them will be impossible.”

Jiang Yi nodded his head. He wasn’t surprised; if you thought about the timeline, you would know it was already too late.

“Then what should we do, ah. Don’t tell me we’re just going to let it go like this?” Lin Hao stood behind the sofa and pinched her brows.

“Of course we cannot just let it pass.” Zhu Jing smiled coldly, “They said they were going to discuss what else they could do. To pull down ah-Yi’s professional reputation, this matter is as different as black and white. Even if it doesn’t cause any problems, my, Zhu Jing’s, artists, who can bully them!”

Jiang Yi was silent. Lin Hao replied, “I also think so. Even if we don’t chase after the magazine, we at least have to make them apologise. If not, wouldn’t it prove that everything they said it true?”

“I have already contacted the magazine, and in a moment I will go to personally speak with them.” Zhu Jing said as she suddenly recalled, “That’s right, your fans seem as if they’re really angry. In the afternoon, several of your bigger fans came out to defend you.”

She didn’t notice that as she finished the sentence the expressions of the two men at the other end changed at the same time. Lin Hao sized up Jiang Yi and quickly said, “I also saw that. I want to stop them from…”

“No need. I see that they have grasped the situation well so you don’t need to stop them. Go and organise them, contact Jiang Yi’s Teiba, the official website as well as the person in charge of the Weibo fan-group and follow the current plan. @ the magazine’s publisher’s official account, use rational arguments to refute the article. Ask them not to speak rudely and not to swear.

Zhu Jing leaned back in her chair and shrugged her shoulders, “If they pressure the magazine first, when I go to negotiate again it’ll help the situation to go smoothly. We need both a “good cop” and a “bad cop”.”

Lin Hao sighed in relief. They had a way to resolve the situation now unlike the daytime when they had no plan and the ball was not in their court.

When he thought of how many troubles and been caused and who had caused then, he could not help but say ruefully, “Lin Zequn, they really were ruthless. We all still have to work together, to pull a thing like this, do they not care about their image?”

“In order to save face and mediate the situation his manager really is shameless, but in the end, they bullied ah-Yi because he is not famous and hasn’t established himself yet. If it changed to Zhou Peipei, would they dare to step on her? The magazine also wouldn’t publish an article like that; she has also worked with them. So if you are determined, give me popularity, stand up tall enough and other people will naturally be unable to step on you.”

She spoke the last sentence looking at Jiang Yi. As she held him within her gaze, Jiang Yi stayed silent for a second, and then said the second sentence of the night, “I’ll try to.”

The video call ended.

Although the meetings are often dictatorial because of Zhu Jing’s character, Jiang Yi’s silence tonight was still not normal. Lin Bao asked, “Yi-ge, are you all right?”

Jiang Yi stared at him. Lin Hao hesitated and then went over. “What Jing-jie said, you also heard it. Even she praised your fans’ actions as being very good. So your actions this afternoon, weren’t they a bit too much? Jian-xiaojie also didn’t do anything wrong. She was wholeheartedly supporting you. Can’t you be gentler…?”

Jiang Yi paused.

Lin Hao all this time had not been clear on what Jiang Yi was thinking.  If he didn’t want Jian-xaiojie to help, he could just say so. Why suddenly say something like “Don’t continue to like me”. Jian-xiaojie’s expression at that time, even he, an observer, felt distressed for her. How could he treat a beautiful woman so cruelly!”

While he was occupied in having tender feelings for the opposite sex, Jiang Yi had already passed him and gone straight through the door.

Lin Hao’s soul came back to him and he asked, “Ai, where are you going, ah?”

Jiang Yi didn’t turn his head as he replied, “Out. For a walk.”

Guys, I translated this chapter a while ago, but I still remember the feeling of dying as I was working on it. It’s almost double the length of a normal chapter. I was considering splitting it up into four parts so you could feel some of the pain I did (mwuhahahaha) but in the end decided not to. So enjoy this super long chapter~

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