Only Starlight Chapter 21 part 1

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The annual summer vacation period was when every major TV station launched their key projects. Many of the most promising TV series would choose to be broadcast during this period, and, consequently, the competition during the summer was often very fierce.

As the summer vacation lasted for two months, apart from the weekly dramas, the broadcasting period of the general TV series were less than a month, so the competition was roughly divided between the months of July and August. In previous years there was always a popular drama that drew everyone’s attention, but July was over and from beginning to end there was no drama that was could be seen to rise above the rest. Although there were good ratings and discussion, it was simply a case of when the tiger’s away the monkey is king. The audience chose the best from a bad bunch, that was all. They really couldn’t compare with even half of the popularity from Dahan Feiyan several months before.

When everyone was disappointed, they set their sights on August.

As one of the competitors for August, the level of attention for “Cold Night” recently was not low. Apart from the attention that the dispute between Jiang Yi and Lin Zequn’s fans produced, it was also because of the extended trailer that was released in the previous period. Among the various August dramas, “Cold Night”’s prospects were the best.
“Cold Night”’s director, Liu Ao, had produced many outstanding TV dramas in his youth. It was a pity that in recent years he had met a bottleneck and had produced very few masterpieces. However, a starving camel was still bigger than a horse, and he was still accomplished to a certain level. At least from the trailer, “Cold Night”’s plot and production quality had defeated the rest of the dramas. At the time when it had just come out it had stunned many people, and there were even some netizens that said Liu Ao must be relying on “Cold Night” to make a comeback.

Originally everyone was fully looking forward to it, and to add to that the main lead’s fans were involved in a fight. The netizens who didn’t dislike watching a show were not small, and they were all quite excited to find out who would win and who would lose in the PK between “Cold Night” and “First-Rate Lady”. There were even people on the Tianya forums who starting betting.

It was probably because the excitement on the internet had become extreme; finally on the 30th July at the nation wide premiere of “Cold Night”, a reporter asked Jiang Yi himself.

“Recently netizens have been talking about this, that is, you and another actor, Lin Zequn’s new drama “First-Rate Lady”. Because your dramas are broadcasting at the same time, everyone wants to know who will be victorious. May I ask what you think, between these dramas that will be broadcast, which is the most likely to be popular?”

After the reported had thrown out the question, Jiang Yi, wearing casual clothes on the press conference’s stage, held the microphone and looked as if he was pondering his answer.

This question in fact contained a hidden knife. It was easy to answer badly in a moment of carelessness. The TV host to the side immediately smoothed things over, “Today is a press conference for “Cold Night.” We will only accept questions relating to “Cold Night”, okay? Come, come, come, let’s change the question.”

The reported smiled and in a not-hard-not-soft way persisted, “This is exactly a question related to “Cold Night”, ah. Also, it is not we who want to ask, but the netizens who are curious…”

The TV host felt a small headache coming on. He was most afraid of meeting this kind of dogged media. The situation was not just a little awkward.

They planned on changing the question forcibly, but Jiang Yi gestured to show that nothing was wrong.

He was silent for two seconds as he looked at the reporter, then faintly smiled, “I think that regardless of which drama it is, all of the cast and crew were motivated to shoot. In the maker’s heart it is only natural that they are the best. If you asked me, it is only natural that I would say “Cold Night” is very good, however, other dramas are just as good. I and Gao Qi and Tian Tian also know this. Everyone is a friend, I know they are all very professional, excellent actors. So let the audience choose. Which one they like, which one they watch, this is something that we are unable to decide.”

It seemed like a smooth and succinct answer, but the reporters were keenly aware that Jiang Yi’s words concealed a mystery.

The reporter who asked the question clearly mentioned Lin Zequn in vain as he didn’t respond to this. Instead, he brought up the names of Gao Qi and Tian Tian. As everyone knew, these two were the real leads of “First-Rate Lady”.

It seemed that Jiang Yi was just like his fans; mocking Lin Zequn for not playing the leading role and not deserving to compete with him?!
When everyone understood this they felt a little excited, holding their camera to keep on shooting.

Under the flashing camera flashes, Jiang Yi still had a small smile, seeming as if he didn’t have any deeper meaning to his words.

“Did you and Lin Zequn get into a fight?” While Yin Ru was re-doing her lipstick she looked at the man behind her through the make-up mirror.

As “Cold Night”’s female lead, when Jiang Yi said those words she was stood to the side and heard the most clearly. Originally it was only an online fight, but this response would undoubtedly make the issue even bigger. These days Lin Zequn was also in the middle of promoting his new drama. Looking at the tit-for-tat, she felt that it must not be escalated.

Jiang Yi sat on a chair, his eyes closed in rest, and didn’t reply.

Yin Ru frowned, “I want to remind you that it doesn’t matter if you fight, but you must not affect the drama.”

Jiang Yi only then opened his eyes, and gazed at her for a couple of seconds. Then he suddenly smiled, “Is it not better like this?”

Yin Ru stared.

“If we fight it will only benefit this drama, not cause trouble.” He shrugged, “Even if there are issues, they will fall solely upon me, you won’t be involved, the clear as ice and clean as jade female lead.”

Yin Ru understood what he was trying to say. Before a drama was broadcast, the most worrying thing was not having an news. The past few days’ fight really had increased the amount of attention paid to “Cold Night”. So Jiang Yi was not only provoking Lin Zequn but deliberately exploiting his popularity?

She turned around to face Jiang Yi directly, her eyes full of surprise.

Yin Ru knew that Jiang Yi had requested to leave the cast of “If there is no love” to be here. The past few days the two of them have been racing to publicise the drama, and they didn’t know how many announcements they had given every day. The schedule was even busier than when they were filming.

Judging from her understanding of Jiang Yi from the three months they had filmed together, even if he always looked like he seemingly didn’t care, he was actually someone who was very focused on his work. His habit was that as soon as he entered a group, he would sink his heart into trying to figure out the role. If it were not essential he would not request a leave of absence from the production. Therefore, as long as he was working on a drama, Zhu Jing would not take many jobs for him. It was like this when he was filming “Cold Night”, and the same was true of “If there is no love”.

Of course, advertising new dramas was a hidden and easily forgotten element, but from the initial plan Jiang Yi declined a lot the announcements, attending only the absolutely necessary ones. There were a good few programs that Yin Ru had prepared to record alone, but she didn’t expect that several days ago she would suddenly receive news from Jiang Yi’s agent saying that he wished to co-operate to the upmost in advertising the drama.

She originally thought that it was merely words. Who would have thought that for today’s show again, he once again appeared and gave the crew a sense of presence!

This feeling, it looked like something had happened to make him hold higher expectation towards “Cold Night”’s prospects than formally. So much so that he was willing to do the work he previously would not have.

Yin Ru suddenly asked, “Frankly speaking, you and Lin Zequn actually have other grudges, right?” He was unlikely to care so much about the success of the drama merely because of the magazine interview.

Jiang Yi paused and casually took a sip of the mineral water he was holding.

Sunlight passed through the window and shone on his handsome face. The man’s thin lips pursed tightly and his brows were slightly wrinkled as he smiled coldly.

He had remembered something very unpleasant.

Hey guys! Sorry for the suuuuuper long break (last post in September last year ^^;;;)… I have a stash of chapters but never got around to posting them (which is probably worse than not even translating them in the first place). Somehow, I just couldn’t bring myself to look at something I’d already spend 4+ hours, and a decent amount of brain cells, working on.

Anyway, I’ll try and post more frequently and also try and get some more chapters translated. If anyone wants to help/pick up this novel please let me know!

Lastly, stay safe from the coronavirus – wash your hands and don’t touch your face!

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