Only Starlight Chapter 21 part 2

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Yin Ru suddenly felt as if she had the courage to overstep the boundaries, wanting to find out about the subject without revealing any traces. Jiang Yi turned his head to look at her. Smiling, he said, “Your guess is right, we have other grudges. A very big grudge.”
You could understand everything from the media, so it was only natural that the netizens would understand. Jiang Yi’s words would be deciphered and interpreted in various depths that night, and to the originally heated battle another fire would be added.
People who supported him said that he really had a straightforward character and was not pretending, and that his ridicule was beautiful: his opponents said that they had never seen an actor personally take part in tearing another down, and that his eccentricity was simply too low, it was no wonder he wasn’t popular! Of course, there was also a group of people who thought everyone was overthinking it, they had not heard anything…
Everything was just as Jiang Yi had predicted. Even more people’s attention was caught, and topics related to “Cold Night” started trending on Weibo in quick succession!
In this kind of confused atmosphere, the 2nd of August arrived, and “Cold Night” officially broadcast in the capital on prime-time satellite TV!
That evening, Jian Wei went to Lai Xiao Shuang’s apartment and they watched the live broadcast together.
WeChat had already become lively earlier. Pumpkin Sauce, Rice Wine and Dumplings, as well as all their other comrades were all strictly waiting for the start. As for Weibo, you could immediately see the topics “Cold Night” and “Cold Night Jiang Yi” when you opened it. Jian Wei looked at the atmosphere of high anticipation and couldn’t help but take a deep breath.
“What should I do? Xiao Shuang, my heart is beating really fast! I’m really nervous!” Jian Wei grasped Lai Xiao Shuang’s hand tightly.
Ever since they separated that day on the tennis court, she hadn’t seen Jiang Yi again. The next day he had requested for a leave of absence to do publicity work, and she, like before, could only see him in the news. She had also seen his and Lin Zequn’s fights. Although she was felt happy to see him scold Lin Zequn, soon after Jian Wei couldn’t help but start to feel a mother’s worries.
His words, ah, if “Cold Night” exploded it wouldn’t be a problem; if it flops, it would turn into a powerful weapon for hidden hands to attack him with. It would definitely make his face hurt!
Lai Xiao Shuang said, “Don’t be nervous! At this critical moment we can do nothing but wait to see the results!”
“Cold Night” started once “Xinwen Lianbo” finished. In addition, there was also the finale of the preceding drama, “Beautiful Coffee House”. After that smoothly finished, the television station, in order to draw views for the first day of the new drama, according to usual practice, didn’t insert ads between the two dramas, but rather directly moved to “Cold Night”’s opening title.
Right now, all over the country, apart from those people waiting for “Cold Night”, there were many viewers who had just finished watching “Beautiful Coffee House”. Still immersed in the satisfaction of the protagonist’s beautiful ending, they had no time to change the channel and also happened to start watching the new drama.
The setting went from a 21st century coffee house to 1941, Shanghai, and the bone-piercing chill of early spring.
“Cold Night” was adapted from the novel of the same name and the story itself was highly praised. Director Liu Ao was also a treasured knife that does not age (old but vigorous). The first episode immediately gained the upper hand by a show of strength. The plot was intense and smooth, the actors appeared one after another and the conflicts unfolded.
The progressive youth who had returned to his country after graduating, the young aristocratic lady concealing a secret, the monstrous conspiracy being planned by traitors (any official who talked about peace, idk who between)… After the golden age’s flourishing ideas, there was the dark cloud of war enveloping all of Shanghai.
Jian Wei sat in front of the television, and although her eyes were watching the screen, her heart was in a mess. It was not that she didn’t have confidence, it was that she clearly understood. Although the level of interest in the drama was high now, but people who know just a little about the market all know that the speculation in the preceding period about how good it would be would not count. When it was broadcast, everyone could see the result.
Although the production quality of “Cold Night” was considered excellent, it was a spy drama about the Republic of China (1912-1949). In the present environment, it had already been several years since a drama about the Republic of China had exploded, so even if the reviews of the TV stations releasing it are good, and the trailer was also well received, the industry was nevertheless not particularly optimistic about it. Moreover, of the two leading roles, Jiang Yi was not warm, not hot, and Yin Ru was practically a newcomer. Without an influential actor to support it, it looked even more a loose thread.
In contrast, “First Rate Lady” followed the popular historical court drama theme. The second male lead, Lin Zequn’s, popularity was rather high, and the male and female leads Gao Qi and Tian Tian fame were also not low. No matter how you looked at it, the combined strength would be much greater than “Cold Night”’s.
If “Cold Night” really lost, if Jiang Yi lost…
The time flew by, she still hadn’t reacted but the episode had already finished. Jian Wei hurriedly asked Lai Xiao Shuang, “How was it?”
Lai Xiao Shuang cautiously said, “What do you think?”
“Me? I of course think it’s really good, ah!” In reality she thought it was extremely good. The plot drew people in, and jiang Yi’s style this time was very handsome. A few times, even though she was filled with worry she still became enchanted.
“I think it’s alright, but I don’t represent the average audience member. I have a thick fan filter for him! Just him opening a sack would fascinate me, I don’t know why!”
Lai Xiao Shuang spread out her hands, “I am also unable to watch the show from the perspective of the audience now, how about you go and take a look at everyone’s evaluations, okay?”
Jian Wei looked at her reaction and her heart cooled down. Nervously logging onto Weibo, she scrolled through a few posts but couldn’t see any about “Cold Night”. She was even more nervous. She had many thoughts inside her mind; she was afraid others would say it was no good, she was even more afraid that no one would even say it was bad.
If the hype was intense and it flopped without anyone saying even a word, that would be the most wretched thing of all…
Suddenly on the homepage a familiar ID appeared. It was one of the famous Weibo bloggers. She had watched numerous dramas and was known for her sharp reviews. Many of the clips from dramas that had been widely circulated online came from her hands.
Now, this always critical blogger was using an extremely excited and perturbed tone and screaming loudly!
Jian Ju Zhuan Jia Ai Wei-er V: “Fck Fck F*ck!!! That Cold Night!!! Who watched it?? When did Jiang Yi become so handsome?? Did Liu Ao open him??? That scene where he walked down from the top of the boat, that shot, that scene, that glance back!!! I’m dead!!!!”

(un-edited author’s note – couldn’t be bothered, may come back later)
The author has something to say: I was embarrassed to take a temporary leave yesterday. In fact, I have gotten up at five o’clock in the morning. Yesterday, the result is really unexpected. I didn’t even write it out. Anyway, I scrapped the third edition. …… This article has been written very hard since the beginning, I am a Virgo character, I am uncomfortable with a little dissatisfaction, almost every chapter you see is changed several times, many details Repeatedly grinding, so the recent release of the manuscript exhausted, I was panic, and this is still the case…
I am very satisfied with the final effect of this chapter. Today is more about this chapter. I will go on to write the following updates. If I take out a chapter and save it, I will be more practical… Yesterday is terrible, people are too nervous, I really want to vomit, I couldn’t eat yesterday, I ran the toilet and retched qaq
Last night, I sent the red envelopes of the previous chapter. Everyone checked them. Because they were made in batches, when the brain was also very messy, they gave up their words. In fact, they sent more than one hundred to go out. The sister who arrived will be married with a small gift…
Oh, yes, there is no emotional line in this chapter, but this article is designed with a male business line. When I first wrote “Wait for your starlight”, the girl who likes to look at the career line and the emotional line is divided into two fronts. I think this article has to start, slamming…

I can still remember getting to the end of this chapter and not having the strength left to go through the author’s message haha Now you see what unedited MTL looks like! (Although I usually just use a Chinese-English dictionary and go straight from the raws)

Anyway, second part of chapter 21 is finally up! Hope you enjoy!

Lastly, stay safe everyone – wears masks if possible, wash your hands and avoid crowded places! Tokyo/Japan has so far managed to avoid being badly hit but things are starting to look worse here too.

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