Only Starlight Chapter 23

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Jian Wei sat in the lounge.
On WeChat, Pumpkin Sauce and the others were chatting. These days the comrades in the group were all excited. Everyone had bravely felt for many years that even a submissive daughter-in-law would one day become a domineering mother-in-law. Some people had even cried after seeing the results after Cold Night was broadcast, shouting loudly that their gege had finally made it!
She looked at her phone screen and clicked on Jiang Yi’s Weibo. The latest post was an advertisement for the drama he sent out last night, and the number of comments had already exceeded ten thousand. Jian Wei thought about before, when the number of comments on every one of his Weibo posts would be in the hundreds of thousands. At that time she had commented that because his account had a v (verified), it was easy for him to get into the trending topics. She always thought, even though she didn’t know whether he looked at the comments, if he saw it, maybe he would pay attention to her.
But now, she probably really wouldn’t be seen by him, right?
Just like a moment ago, they were obviously only separated by half of the courtyard, but she could not get close to him.
Jian Wei had previously heard people talk about this kind of feeling.
When your idol is obscure and unknown you wish for them to quickly become popular and for everyone to know about how good they are. But when they really become popular you begin to feel confused. More and more people love them; they become popular and a hot topic and you muddle along in the middle of it all, becoming increasingly insignificant.
They are no longer a treasure that belongs only to you.
The next second she suddenly slammed her head!
What was she thinking! His being popular was of course a good thing, she had plainly hoped for that for a long time. She could not be so selfish when things have become like this!
She hoped he could go further and further and higher and higher, even if she couldn’t be together with him like before, chatting and interacting like friends.
Even if she couldn’t approach him any more…
Her hand loosened and her phone fell with a “pa-ta” to the floor and slid half a meter away. Jian Wei recovered from her reverie, and hurriedly crouched down to pick it up. Unexpectedly two shoes appeared within her line of sight, standing on the shiny floor.
Her body went rigid. From above her head a voice eventually sounded, “Although we haven’t met for a long time, you don’t need to bow as low as this.”
She looked upwards a little. Light blue jeans. A white T-shirt. One of the man’s hands was in his pocket and his head was tilted to the side. With a smile that was not quite a smile he was looking at her.
The man she had thought of countless times appeared in front of her just like this.
Jian Wei determined to look at his face. After a moment she said, “Did you not eat properly when you were outside? You’ve lost weight.”
To Jiang Yi’s surprise, when she spoke she unexpectedly asked this, and his expression changed subtly. After a while, he slowly smiled, “Yes, ah. I haven’t been eating, I’m very pitiful.”
He also crouched down, and casually picked up her phone. His eyes glanced at the screen; it was his own Weibo page. He paused for only a second, and with an unchanging smile he passed the phone back to her, “Here.”
Jian Wei took it and became conscious of the situation, her heart in a mess.
How could he be here? This was the production team’s rest area. He obviously had his own exclusive lounge, it was not necessary for him to come here, ah.
Don’t tell her that he specifically came here to look for her?
Jiang Yi asked, “Just now, why didn’t you come over?”
Jian Wei stared at him, and then eventually reacted, “You saw me?”
“I saw you in the distance. You watched me for a while and then ran away.”
His eyes were jet-black and penetrating. Jian Wei suddenly thought that if she carefully considered herself at that time, she indeed was being unnatural. Biting her lip she said, “There were too many people surrounding you, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to squeeze through.”
Jiang Yi lightly smiled. He got up and looked around to find a chair to sit on. He crossed his legs, his right hand touching his chin, looking at her full of interest. The smile in the gaze was so heavy that Jian Wei was overwhelmed and just wanted to ask him to look away, but at that moment she heard him speak, “Next time, shout, and I’ll come out myself.”
What, what did he say? Jian Wei’s heart beat violently.
Sunshine passed through the glass, illuminating his body. The man’s expression looked at little exhausted, but his smile was still good-looking.
Jian Wei thought again of the scene where Zhao Ming Shen walked down from the boat. Of course, that was the scene that had stunned countless people, but she still preferred him like this.
Casually sitting down and talking, he looked like the boy next door.
Jian Wei slightly hesitated, then sat down beside him, “This period of time is quite tiring?”
She had listened to what Lai Xiao Shuang* had said. Because he had become popular overnight, these past few days their telephone had been blown off the hook. There had been countless programmes wanting to invite him to make an appearance and do interviews. So the original publicity plan had once again changed. It was added to and added to until everyone was tired like a dog.

*In case you forgot, Lai Xiao Shuang was Zhu Peipei’s former assistant, who after the debacle with the awards ceremony went to work for Jiang Yi’s manager. She’s also the one who gives Jian Wei updates and juicy gossip about the crew
The even scarier thing was that under such circumstances, Jiang Yi had also increased the workload for himself. Others promoted the drama outside, but he did not abandon the dramas they were currently filming, seizing each second to ponder over the role. One day they returned to the hotel at one o’clock in the morning. Everyone else went to rest but he stubbornly insisted on looking at the script for another two hours. He went to sleep at half past three and got up to put make-up on at six to begin the next day’s work. Seeing his iron-hard perseverance had left Lai Xiao Shuang speechless.
Jian Wei was distressed. Working this hard to succeed, it’s no wonder others in the circle are so thin.
The girl’s eyes were full of doting, as if wishing that she could replace him to go and do those jobs. Jiang Yi looked at her. Originally when she had finished speaking she had turned to the corner, but gulping, she turned back.
He said, “En, quite tired.” Nodding his head, “It always hurts here.”
Jian Wei immediately nervously said, “Where, the back of the head? It’s probably because you haven’t been resting enough. Oh, how about I help you massage it?”
Seeing Jiang Yi’s eyebrows, she explained, “For my father and mother’s headaches, I also frequently help them massage it, also my grandmother… My technique is quite good!”
As she spoke she came a little regretful. Just as she wanted to retract her offer, Jiang Yi smiled brilliantly, “Good, ah. Then I’ll trouble you.”
Inside the lounge it was peaceful. Jiang Yi sat on the chair, his head slightly back. Jian Wei stood behind him and when she looked down, she saw his eyes, jet-black, reflecting the sun and staring at her.
“Close your eyes,” she whispered.
“Okay.” Jiang Yi said with a smile.
Jiang Yi didn’t lie; his head was indeed sore. Her fingers fell, soft like feather. He had just thought it was funny when he felt a burst of pressure and somewhere on the back of head was pressed. It hurt so much that he cried out on the spot.
Stunned, he opened his eyes. Jian Wei continued, “Bear with it. It’s good if it hurts. I’m helping you to relax.”
Her fingers were full of strength. Quickly, the places that she had pressed became numb. It hurt, but it felt more comfortable. Jian Wei saw it and became somewhat proud of herself, “I can recognise the acupuncture points.”
He nodded his head, his expression a little awkward.
Jian Wei swatted his forehead, commanding him, “Don’t move.”
Jiang Yi said, “…oh.” And obediently closed his eyes.
Jian Wei’s fingertips pressed against his skin, thin and warm. Under the sunshine, his light blue veins were faintly visible.
The Weibo page on the mobile phone showed countless netizens expressing their love for him. These past few days the outside world had surged like a gathering storm because of him. All kind of newspapers, magazines, and TV shows had been reporting on him. There were so many people who were giving it their all to see him, but he sat next to her with his eyes closed quietly, looking like a child who followed all of her words.
She suddenly felt nervous and said “good”, wanting to retract her hand, but she was caught. Her hand was held in his palm. It was scalding. She was so shocked she almost jumped.
He opened his eyes again. Dust danced in the air. “Xiao-Wei, do you have anything to tell me?”
This was his first time calling her like that. Jian Wei didn’t understand why he had changed the way he called her, but he said it very naturally and it made her feel that it was completely logical.
There was something in her heart that was surging up. She looked into his eyes and said earnestly and from the bottom of her heart, “Ah-Yi, congratulations! Seeing you succeed I am very happy.”
He didn’t reply for a few seconds, then suddenly lifted a hand to her forehead and flicked it. She covered her head and he said, making a show of being very much in earnest, “En, I am also quite happy.”

The author has something to say: It is thin, but a sweet chapter, what about everyone~ 
By the way, the kind of hope that I love bean red, but the love beans are really red, and all kinds of frustrations are complicated and complicated. I believe that there are certain friends who can understand! ! ! 

This chapter was relatively shorter than the rest, so I kept it as one. I agree with the author – although it is short, it is sweet. Fittingly enough, it’s also the tenth chapter I have translated! 😀

What do you think Jiang Yi was expecting Jian Wei to say? If someone suddenly asked me a question like that, I’d have no idea what to reply with.

Also, finally, a massage that doesn’t feel “itchy” or “like feathers” because the MC doesn’t apply enough strength haha (Although why do all of these characters know how to do massages in the first place?)

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  1. I have no idea what Jiang Yi wants Jian Wei to say. I probably need to reread this or something to understand. Maybe he wanted her to say that she missed him or something like that?


    1. Hmm… thinking back on it, maybe he was wanting her to tell him about Lin Zequn hitting her? Because even though he saw it happen, she doesn’t know that and she’s never admitted/told him about it, right?

      Also, thanks for your comment ^^

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