Only Starlight Chapter 24 part 1

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On the same day when they were shooting, as Jiang Yi entered the room, enthusiastic applause broke out.
The crowd loudly cheered, “Congratulations Jiang-laoshi! Congratulations Jiang-laoshi!”
“Cold Night had huge viewership figures, Yi-ge you have to invite us out for a meal, ah!”
“I said that our cast have good bazi (birthdate characters used in fortune telling), you look, each of them have made it big!”
The director also beamed and said, “They’ve been talking about this several days, and they’ve all been waiting to cheat you out of a meal!”
Jiang Yi’s popularity meant that the combined strength of If There Is No Love would also increase. Originally they only had Zhou Peipei to carry the job of selling the drama and pulling in viewers, but now they had Jiang Yi as well. It could be said that the cast and crew had many advantages and no disadvantages. As a result, the director was also genuinely happy for Jiang Yi.
Jiang Yi smiled, “I’ll treat everyone, it’s naturally something I have to do. We’ll eat what everyone wants to; there’s no need to save my money.”
The place once again burst into cheers, some people even slapping the table in celebration. Everyone was bustling with excitement.
Jian Wei stood to the side, looking at Jiang Yi talking and laughing with everyone. She found that she really did like it like this. She watched everyone treating Jiang Yi with respect and enthusiasm; more than people trying to curry favour with her, it happening to him made her satisfied.
A figure suddenly appeared by the doorway. Jian Wei glanced at him and her complexion immediately changed. Not only her, the rest of the people in the room noticed him in succession and all involuntarily became quiet.
Lin Zequn just stood. He smiled and said, “Yi-ge, long time no see, ah.”
Jiang Yi looked at him and the smile on his face faded a little.
He didn’t speak.
The hearts of the masses suddenly clenched.
During this time, the conflicts between Jiang Yi and Lin Zequn were bubbling away. The netizens knew about it so it was only natural that the cast and crew understood it even more thoroughly. As the saying goes, the first to stir is the one who is low (the one who seeks trouble first is the bad one). In the end, they still blamed Lin Zequn for stirring up things with the interview. Everyone had a scale in their hearts, and in this matter, most people stood on the side of Jiang Yi.
It was only support in return for support, but nobody really wanted him to involve them in finding trouble with Lin Zequn. This was a working space and everyone wanted to be able to work peacefully, trying not to start a fight or be at odds with the lead actor!
Under more than a dozen nervous gazes, Jiang Yi looked at Lin Zequn and slowly approached him. Lin Zequn continued to smile but a trace of unnaturalness flashed across his face and his shoulders slightly tautened. It was a guarded posture.
Jiang Yi suddenly smiled, he clapped him on the shoulder and said like an elder brother, “Long time no see. These past few days I haven’t been here – I’ve troubled you. By the way, I’ve invited everyone out for a meal, you must come, ah!”
Once these words came out, everyone, including the director, relaxed.
Many people couldn’t help but think that Yi-ge truly was an adult who was generous, to go so far as to take the initiative to compromise. But when they thought they could also understand: since Cold Night first broadcast it had stably resided in first place for TV ratings. According to this trend, it would continue to stir up attention, and might be popular until the end!
On the other hand, First Rate Lady did not even manage to squeeze into the top three and there wasn’t much discussion on the internet. Tolerance was the privilege of the winner. This PK, Lin Zequn lost through and through. If they were Jiang Yi, perhaps they also wouldn’t feel like arguing with him again.
With this in mind, everyone looked at Lin Zequn’s expression, almost all with some pity.
Lin Zequn sensed the changes in their expressions.
But the director smilingly said, “Yes, ah, Ah-Yi already promised to give a dinner party. Xiao-Lin, ah, when the time comes you should also go.”
There were other meanings in his gaze. Lin Zequn knew that if he said any more it would not be discreet. He stubbornly pressed down the anger in his heart, smiled and nodded, “Of course, if Yi-ge doesn’t feel like I’m a bother.”
The day’s shooting went fairly smoothly. The director was originally worried that because Jiang Yi wasn’t there for a period and would be slow in getting back into the right state of mind. Unexpectedly, apart from two NGs at the beginning he threw himself into the shooting later on. The director couldn’t help but feel admiration in his heart. Apparently when Jiang Yi was outside he was also looking over his script. Inside the circle it was said that he was very dedicated to his work – indeed, that was correct.
The work pace throughout the afternoon was fast. The staff members also saw that there was hope that they could get off early and it was like they’d been injected with chicken blood.
Everyone was quite happy apart from one person.
These past few days, Lin Zequn could be said to be living with complex feelings.
Cold Night exploded and he failed and was wiped over the floor. He, together with his fans, had been ridiculed online. The interview had been looked through again and everyone said his methods were too dirty. They even said, “The heavenly law properly chooses reincarnations – who does the firmament pardon?” Doing this kind of cheap trick, it’s no wonder one exploded and came back to bite him.

Another part. It’s getting hotter here in Japan – in the high twenties (degrees Celsius) everyday. I’m still working from home, although it looks like the week after next I’ll be heading back to work properly.

Stay safe, everyone!

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