Only Starlight Chapter 25 part 1

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Thanks to Jiang Yi’s good fortune, the scenes they originally thought would take until 8 o’clock in the evening to film were finished without a hitch by 6. Everybody managed to finish work early, and after saying goodbye to everyone, Jiang Yi was ready to take the car back to the hotel to rest.
On the way to the nanny car, Lin Hao said, “Did you see it? The way everyone said goodbye to you just now, before were they anywhere near this respectful, this enthusiastic? Ai, this circle is indeed the most pragmatic.”
These days, Lin Hao had followed Jiang Yi and could be regarded as a witness to the highs and lows of social interactions. It was only one night, but it seemed like everything had changed. Wherever Jiang Yi went he was chased after, and he, as his assistant, had also doubled in value and become the one everyone tried to curry favour with.
Jiang Yi massaged his forehead, “You have a lot of feelings – I just want to sleep now.”
He didn’t sleep very much last night and after working an entire day he felt even more tired. When he recalled the difficulties these past few days, Jiang Yi couldn’t help but sigh. Compared with working outside, he still preferred the rhythm of the cast and crew.
Fortunately he had returned, at last.
Lin Hao was very dissatisfied with his attitude, rolling his eyes and leaning forward, “Yi-ge, tell me the truth, did you do it deliberately? You did, right?”
Jiang Yi said, “Did you say something? I couldn’t hear you.”
“Stop acting stupid! It’s no wonder that last night you researched how to beat someone up so that it hurt but wasn’t serious and didn’t look too bad. I thought you were thinking about the drama, but it was a premeditated plot all along, ah!”
Jiang Yi finally turned his head and looked at him, “Using such a loud voice, you might as well help me broadcast it?”
“Then you are admitting it, right?” Moreover, he plainly wasn’t speaking that loudly!
Jiang Yi raised an eyebrow and smiled, not replying. Lin Hao opened his eyes wide in expectation, but who would have thought that his next action was to turn around and walk away, paying absolutely no attention to him.
Lin Hao said, “…typical!”
Jiang Yi took the lead getting into the nanny car in front of him, and Lin Hao went to the driver’s seat. The chauffeur was on holiday so he was moonlighting as the driver.
Jiang Yi sat in the back and was about the close the door when a hand suddenly stretched forward and stopped it from sliding closed.
Jiang Yi was startled and look out in astonishment. Jian Wei pushed the car door open slightly and said, “Let me in, I want to come.”
She said it so naturally that Jiang Yi’s mind relaxed. Jian Wei immediately jumped in and sat beside him. The door closed and faintly smiling at Lin Hao who was looking straight ahead, she said, “Good, la, let’s go.”
Lin Hao replied, “…oh, okay.”
After stepping on the accelerator, his soul returned – wait a minute, why was he listening to her?!
As the car travelled on the road, the inside was strangely quiet.
Jiang Yi just wanted to sleep and wasn’t thinking of anything. From time to time he glanced at Jian Wei and knew she had something to say. At last, as they passed a crossroads, she asked, “You did it deliberately, right?”
Jiang Yi paused. “En.”
Lin Hao hit the steering wheel. F*ck, he didn’t tell him the truth, but he told the girl?
Although she had already guessed, hearing him admit it still made Jian Wei’s heart tremble. She felt a little confused, and couldn’t help but ask, “But, why?”
Jiang Yi faintly said, “Because he ought to be hit.”
When these words came out, the other two people in the car blanked at the same time.
Jiang Yi’s eyes were penetrating, as though he knew everything. If she didn’t guess wrongly, he really did know about the matter of Lin Zequn hitting her and so today he helped her hit him back.
Something moved in her heart and she suddenly didn’t know what to say. In fact, when Lin Zequn bullied her, she wasn’t not angry. It was just that she felt like she was always looking for Jiang Yi, and she was afraid that if she told him, he would do something impulsive. So she could only endure it.
But she didn’t expect that he would get justice for her.
She whispered, “Actually, you didn’t need to do it. Lin Zequn, that person, you can tell at a glance that he holds grudges. Now that you there is a grievance between you, don’t know how many more troubles it will bring…”
He interrupted her, “Jian Wei, do you think that I would gamble on my reputation to promote the drama? Competing against Lin Zequn when I’m tired and half-dead, what is it for?”
Jian Wei looked at him in a daze.
Jiang Yi thought of Lin Hao’s words. Yes, in reality this circle was exactly like that. When you were popular you could command respect and step on those beneath you. He used to be quite calm; it was undoubtedly good if he became popular, but if he didn’t, he could still do his work well with his mind at ease. This was a vanity fair. If you became popular and you attached too much importance to it, contrarily you might not be able to walk this road long-term.
Until that day. He stood in that empty corridor, the light shining on top of his head, and he found himself urgently wanting to protect someone. That person plainly suffered a grievance, but still wanted to protect him.
That was the first time he hated his own powerlessness.
“You…” Jian Wei hesitated, and wanted to get closer. What was he thinking? Were her thoughts wrong?
Her face was approaching, and her breath also tickled his face. It smelt sweet. Jiang Yi subconsciously held his breath and a trace of panic flashed across his face.
The next second, he reached out and pushed her shoulder. Jian Wei was caught off guard and looked exactly like a roly poly toy as she fell back against the seat.
Jian Wei, “…”
“You, what are you doing?” she cried.
Jiang Yi stretched his body and said with a smile, “I wanted to say that Lin Zequn, this kind of person, is someone who bullies the weak and fears the strong. Currently, it ought to be he who fears me, and not I who fears him. Understand?”
His words seemed to make sense. Afterall, when she saw Lin Zequn and Zhou Peipei argue, it was he who had submitted and suffered in silence.
She suddenly discovered that she quite liked Jiang Yi’s attitude. He didn’t ask her whether she was hurt, and he also didn’t comfort her, he just directly helped her get revenge without making her feel awkward or embarrassed.
Merely thinking of the day’s twists and turns, she couldn’t help but blurt out, “Who told you, ah?” The co-ordinator also said she didn’t know who told him; don’t tell her it was Lin Zequn himself who told him? Then he was extremely deficient!
Jiang Yi didn’t reply. He closed his eyes and seemed to be ready to sleep. Jian Wei remembered that he must be very tired, closed her mouth and didn’t dare to disturb him again.
Lin Hao watched the drama in the back the whole journey and continued to drive, perfectly contented.
Jian Wei looked at Jiang Yi’s face. The rays of the setting sun passed through the glass and bathed his face in golden light. Handsome and tired, and familiar.
Just a few hours ago she still felt he had become too far away. But now he had beaten Lin Zequn for her, and was sitting beside her, fast asleep.
The distance between them was within reach.
Jian Wei suddenly remembered about the fan who had come to a movie set to see him but had been cheated by one of the staff members. Jiang Yi had also hit that person at that time. After they heard about it, although, on the one hand, they felt that the girl was foolish, on the other hand, they were also very envious of her. At that time, Jian Wei had also thought that if there came a day when Jiang Yi hit someone because of her, she would not have lived her life in vain…

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I guess… I’m back from the dead? For this one post? Don’t worry, I also have part 2 done. In fact, I have something like a stash of chapters, but as I’m not actively translating editing (more like glorified dictionary checking of MTL) I stopped posting.

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