To Read Chinese Novels is a site where I post edited machine translations of the Chinese webnovel Only Starlight.

Only Starlight was written by 茴笙, I do not own the copyright of the work. All rights are reserved by the original author.

About: the translations

I do not read, speak or write Chinese. I use Google translate to get a reference and then use a Chinese-English dictionary to “translate” sentence by sentence OTL

About: releases

Chapter will be released in two parts. I currently have no posting schedule >_>

Checking and editing machine translations takes time so I hope you understand ^^

About: me

I am British, currently living in Japan and learning Japanese. I started reading translated Chinese webnovels about two years ago, and read pretty broadly. I have a soft-spot for stories involving the entertainment industry though.

I have difficulty committing to long term projects, but here’s hoping I persist with this endeavour. ^^;;; (time has proven that I did not)

Please consider commenting if you have the time – just looking at the page views to see that people do actually look at my translations doesn’t really increase motivation :/ haha