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  • Only Starlight Chapter 25 part 1

    15th Apr 2022 by

    Previous – X – Next Thanks to Jiang Yi’s good fortune, the scenes they originally thought would take until 8 o’clock in the evening to film were finished without a hitch by 6. Everybody managed to finish work early, and after saying goodbye to everyone, Jiang Yi was ready to take the car back to… Read more

  • Only Starlight Chapter 24 part 2

    12th Jun 2020 by

    Previous – X – Next Lin Zequn was tolerating these things already, but as long as he thought that before Cold Night aired, Jiang Yi relied on his, Lin Zequn’s, own provocations, as he unknowingly attracted a lot of attention, he would at once be unable to restrain his anger.Looking back now, he delivered himself… Read more

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