Only Starlight Chapter 15 part 2

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Jiang Yi looked at him and Lin Hao immediately shut up. Although they were in the lounge, even the walls have ears; Jiang Yi could not even tell Zhu Jing about this scandalous information.

In regards to this, Lin Hao honestly felt speechless. Yesterday, Jiang Yi had already guessed when Zhou Peipei went missing that she had gone to find her boyfriend, but he didn’t expose even a hint of it to anyone. If it were not for her slowly distancing herself, he probably would never have used this kind of trick.

Lin Hao still remembered a dozen hours before, in the quiet parking lot, the man who smiled towards the woman in traditional clothing and said, “I know who you are going to meet today. Zhou-laoshi, I actually don’t like meddling in other people’s business, but you shouldn’t provoke me today.

“I will persuade the company to abandon the promotion plan, and you should not look for trouble with me anymore. In the future, except for work, we will not interfere in each other’s lives. Of course, if you really want to make things ugly, I don’t mind accompanying you, but when the time comes, don’t accuse me of not protecting girls.”

Jian-xiaojie was also curious about how he did it. If she was to see this side of Jiang Yi, that naïve and simple little girl probably wouldn’t know what to do!

Until noon, Jian Wei was absent-minded. Nobody knew where Lai Xiao Shuang had run off too and she called her several times before giving up when she couldn’t find her. It was not until after the lunch-break that she regained her spirit and at the end of the afternoon she went to the film set.

Who would have thought that as soon as she went in she would see Jiang Yi and Zhou Peipei, each occupying a corner and looking down at their scripts, surrounded by people, and seemingly not speaking to each other.

Jiang Yi had already changed into his costume of a grey sweater and black trousers. With rimless glasses on his nose, he looked refined and handsome. Jian Wei remembered the expression in his eyes from before. Her heart sped up and she forced herself to hurriedly calm down. Fortunately, someone quickly noticed her, as well as Yuan Gulu in her arms, and smiled as she approached, “Our big star has appeared again!”

These people helped Jian Wei to feel less awkward, and she pretended not to notice Jiang Yi as she started to chat and joke with them quietly.

Just as she was starting to have a good time, she suddenly heard a voice, “Good afternoon everyone, I haven’t seen you for one night, did you miss me?”

A man walked into the office, beaming and waving his hand. He was young and handsome, with a slightly gentle and reserved appearance. He fitted in the currently popular pretty boy category.

Everyone laughed, “Lin-laoshi, you’re here!”

Jian Wei looked at him, a little surprised.

The person who’d arrived was called Lin Zequn, and he was the drama’s second male lead. Unlike Jiang Yi who had just joined the cast, he had been in the group for half a month. He came only a few days later than Zhou Peipei, but she had not met him before.

Although he was playing a supporting role, when it came to current popularity, Lin Zequn was much more popular than Jiang Yi. This was for no other reason than that he had also starred as the second male lead in Zhou Peipei’s “Dahan Feiyan” as an infatuated general who guarded Zhao Feiyan with his life. This kind of character had always been one that gathered admiration. After the drama became popular, the one who benefited most apart from the male and female leads was exactly this second male lead. He caused countless girls’ hearts to break and was regarded as a new male god.

Among the cast and crew there were also many girls who had seen “Dahan Feiyan”. Their love for the main female lead had already been destroyed by Zhou Peipei’s behaviour, but the second male lead was still their white moonlight (first love). Now that their idol had appeared, they all tried not to show it too much, but there was still a small commotion.

Lin Zequn said, “I have something in the afternoon, of course I have to come over. By the way, everyone, please have some coffee.”

The assistant behind him came in with a big box and began to distribute the coffee. The staff members all thanked him loudly and accepted it with smiles. Lin Zequn mingled amongst them skilfully, and the girls who had the courage flocked to his side to talk with him. Although before they were also smitten with Jiang Yi, it was obvious that Lin Zequn was the truly popular one whom everyone wanted to approach.

Jian Wei also received a cup, but she didn’t drink. Instead, after she watched Lin Zequn deal with the girls’ attentions, she picked up her coffee and walked over to Jiang Yi.

She smiled and said, “Yi-ge, I finally saw you.”

Jiang Yi shook his hands, “Don’t be so polite, it’s okay just to call me by my name.”

“That, how could I dare, you are my senior, ah!”

She held the coffee and was about to give it to Jiang Yi, but after a second said, “This, ladies first, I will give it to Peipei first. You don’t mind, right?”

But at that moment–

“Please help yourself.” 

Zhou Peipei raised her eyes from the script, “Latte, double milk?” 

“Yes, I know you only drink this, so I especially bought it for you.”

Zhou Peipei snorted, “Put it down, then.”

From their dialogue, you could tell that the two who had worked together were quite familiar. They were like that, but on the other hand Jiang Yi looked as if he was being cold-shouldered off to the side.

Lin Zequn was twenty one years old and had just graduated from the Film Academy. “Dahan Feiyan” was actually his first drama. To make an analogy, Jiang Yi was already popular, and straddled the line between being a 3rd and 4th tier actor, while Lin Zequn was an 18th tier actor who shot to fame. The acting industry had not yet reacted so Jiang Yi was given a chance to catch up, but if he couldn’t take on any projects and have a breakthrough in his career, the situation would change.

However, because of Lin Zequn’s ability to go with the flow and make the most of opportunities, and because he was in the prime of his youth, he was also most likely discontent…

Jian Wei told herself that there was always competition in the entertainment circle, and that the relationship between the first and second male leads was usually bad. Consequently, although she didn’t want to have any opinion about Lin Zequn, her heart couldn’t help but dislike him.

She sighed deeply, thinking that her male god’s days were not as easy as they appeared. To shoot this drama he had to co-operate with two actors he didn’t get along with.

“Hey, what are you trying to find?” Jiang Yi suddenly bent over. Avoiding everyone’s attention, Yuan Gulu had run over and was rubbing herself against his trousers like a spoilt child.

Lin Zequn remarked, “This is the cat that’s going to be used this afternoon? Does its owner not care that it’s blindly running around?”

So Lin Zequn finally makes his entrance. What do you guys think of him – as good as he appears, or hiding behind a facade of smiles?

As always, comments greatly appreciated, and let me know if you spot any mistakes!

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