Only Starlight Chapter 16 part 1

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Jiang Yi picked the cat up and the two stared at one another. He tilted his head. Yuan Gulu blinked and also tilted its head with a blank look that made him think of someone.

He smiled suddenly, “She probably wants me to help her.”

Jian Wei was walking over when she heard these words and her movements became sluggish. Then she sped up her pace. Walking forward stiffly, she said, “Jiang-laoshi, give her to me…”

Lin Zequn exclaimed, “It’s your cat, ah? Don’t move, let me hug it.”

He reached out wanting to take the cat, but Jiang Yi didn’t pass it over immediately. When Lin Zequn saw this he said with a smile, “What are you doing? I can’t hold it, ah? I’m also going to have to film with it in two days.”

The co-ordinator also teased him, “Lin-laoshi, this cat is a celebrity, and us sisters here are all its fan, you have to be at least a little polite.”

Lin Zequn sighed, “I heard, it’s an internet celebrity? Good, good, good. Miss Internet Celebrity Cat, may I hug you?”

He spoke playfully and smiled, but he still didn’t ask Jian Wei, the cat’s owner, for her opinion. Jian Wei frowned, and tried to overcome the discomfort in her heart. Jiang Yi nevertheless turned to ask her, “Is it okay?”

Lin Zequn stared blankly until he finally looked directly at her. The girl wore a big mask and was looking attentively at Jiang Yi. Furthermore, she didn’t even notice that he was looking at her. After a moment she nodded, “It’s okay.”

Only then did Jiang Yi hand the cat over. Lin Zequn suddenly felt that Jiang Yi’s behaviour made him feel uncomfortable, but he didn’t let it show on his face and reached out.

Who knew that when Yuan Gulu arrived in his arms she would started to struggle, twisting and turning her body. Lin Zequn’s strength was a little bigger, and he was unable to control himself, grabbing hold of the cat’s tail. Yuan Gulu cried shrilly and suddenly jumped towards the floor.

“Yuan Gulu!”

Jian Wei wanted to catch it, but the kitten ran away at lightening speed. The floor was shiny and it slipped and slid a few times, frantically escaping until it had made its way into a cupboard. It buried its face until it couldn’t be seen!

Everything happened at once and everyone looked around foolishly. After a while, Jian Wei turned around and forced herself to calm down, “Sorry, she might be guilty of being a little paranoid…”

Lin Zequn wiped his hands on his trousers and looked as usual, “It seems that it doesn’t like me.”

Nobody around Lin Zequn noticed that his mood was any different. He only felt that the scene just now was extremely laughable. Yuan Gulu’s escape was completely hilarious.

The set designer said with a smile, “Don’t let Lin-laoshi hold it, but Jiang-laoshi is very good. It seems to like Jiang-laoshi.”

“Hey, I just remembered. Auntie, you are Jiang-laoshi’s fan, right? You said on Weibo – you said that you’d been obsessed with him for many years. Then other fans said that you’d received money to put up an advertisement for him! Isn’t that right?”

Jian Wei had not expected the topic to suddenly change to this and was lost for words. The co-ordinator looked at her expectantly. When she thought that Jiang Yi was right beside her and listening, she really couldn’t deny it, “I… yes.”

The co-ordinator clapped her hands and laughed, “That makes sense. Now, say it truthfully, does, or does not, Yuan Gulu see Jiang-laoshi’s photograph everyday?”

Everyone looked over, their eyes full of curiosity. The cast and crew’s lives were all boring but even they had a few matters that could be discussed, let alone this kind of gossip about the lead actors.

“So it turns out that auntie is Jiang-laoshi’s fan! Wait a minute, it’s not because you want to see him that you agreed to let Yuan Gulu take part in this movie, right?”

“It must be like this. I heard before that several studios wanted to borrow it but you didn’t agree. How are we so special?”

Someone said in a slightly strange tone, “For star-chasers to chase their star to here, it’s really crazy. Fortunately there aren’t too many people like this, otherwise the production would be a mess.”

The Co-ordinator gave her a look, “Don’t be so serious. You also have an idol you worship, you want to have the chance to be with him all day. I don’t believe that you wouldn’t be willing to go.”

Although there were all kinds of idiots on the internet, amongst them Jian Wei wasn’t really that daring. All sorts of voices were pouring into Jian Wei’s brain and she couldn’t stand it. Underneath her mask, her cheeks were burning, and her exposed ears were already red, showing her embarrassment.

“Oh,” the sudden sneer made everyone fall silent.

Zhou Peipei closed her script, her expression cold. She didn’t look at them, and there was no emotion in her eyes, as if her comment just then was not directed at them at all.

She walked out of the room. Jiang Yi put his hand in his pocket and smiling a smile that wasn’t quite a smile stared at the floor. After a few seconds he said in a light tone, “Okay, the director will be coming over soon, let’s get ready to work.”

He didn’t look at them and went over to pick up the script, sitting down again to read over it.

Everyone was a little embarrassed. When they thought about it, in front of the lead male to joke about him and a staff member was overstepping the boundaries a little. Although Jiang-laoshi was approachable, he was not like Lin-laoshi, who was willing to laugh and joke around with the staff members.

Everyone busied themselves again, and the co-ordinator comforted Jian Wei in a low voice, “Don’t think too much, Jiang-laoshi certainly doesn’t dislike you. He’s just more serious when he is working and doesn’t want anyone to distract him. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have brought up something like that at that time…”

Sorry for posting this a little later than usual. I’ve been away since Friday camping at an orienteering event with no internet or electricity and I wanted to get a half chapter done before posting this.

It’s been really hot in the UK (up to 33 degrees C) this past weekend – ironically that’s about the same temperature as Japan in the summer (I come to the UK to escape the heat…)

As always comments appreciated and let me know if you spot any mistakes!

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