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  • Only Starlight Chapter 19 part 2

    19th Sep 2019 by

    Previous – X- Next After reading it, Jian Wei was stunned. She knew about the scene mentioned in the article because the co-ordinator told her about it. That scene had indeed been troubling. There were many unexpected factors, and Jiang Yi had already been filming all day and was very tired, while Lin Zequn has… Read more

  • Only Starlight Chapter 19 part 1

    17th Sep 2019 by

    Previous – X – Next Chapter 19 part 1 In the quiet private room, Jiang Yi saw that after she heard his question, the girl stared blankly, as if she had never anticipated him asking such a thing. In fact, he started regretted asking the question the second he had spoken. As an actor, to… Read more

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