Only Starlight Chapter 22 part 2

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The netizens couldn’t help saying, “This performance, this situation, this aura, ‘I, your father, am going to save the summer holiday dramas’ is written on the face of Cold Night!”
These words reminded everyone. The masses one after another realised that this year’s summer holiday finally had its first big drama!
It’s momentum was extremely high. Not only did it make it’s rival, First-Rate Lady, unable to resist, but the next dramas that were broadcast were completely unable to touch it at all. To put it in a nutshell, “at present, there was nothing that could beat it.”
The entertainment circle was unpredictable. You might struggle to make headway for a dozen years, but it is also possible that just because of one drama, just because of one night, you would be taken from the bottom of the earth to riding the clouds.
For example, four months ago it was Zhou Peipei. For example, now it was Jiang Yi.
“Cold Night” was the male lead’s drama. Compared with Yin Ru, who in the first three episodes was just there to buy soy sauce (not involved), Jiang Yi was the soul of the whole drama. His appearance was so handsome it was fascinating and his impact was undoubtedly the biggest.
From the evening of the first broadcast his Weibo was flooded with enthusiastic fans. Because Jiang Yi’s Weibo was created later on, and because he didn’t post too frequently, it wasn’t really taken care of meticulously. Therefore, even though his debut was many years ago and he had once been popular, he still didn’t have many Weibo fans. He had about one hundred thousand, about the same as a new actor who had just started. But after “Cold Night” broadcast, his fans had been growing exponentially. At the peak, he had gained more than a hundred thousand fans in one day!
At the same time, the number of hits he was getting in the media was constantly breaking his old records. On Baidu, he had been flying up the most searched male celebrities list, and on the third day he reached number one smoothly. And Lin Zequn with whom he was fighting was no longer number two, dropping down five places…
“New wine in old bottles, spy drama Cold Night popular”, “From singer to actor, Jiang Yi’s gorgeous face”, “Lying low for many years, not giving up, Jiang Yi has become a new male god” – the reports came out one after the other, providing even more proof that he had become the most conspicuous celebrity…
“He’s on fire, he’s on fire, he’s on fire! Your male god is really on fire!”
These days, Jian Wei heard these words the most. Whether it was in real life or online, Jiang Yi was being discussed everywhere. Even her junior high school classmates had been phoning her, saying that they had been following the drama of the idol she was chasing. When she looked at her moments she also saw someone posting pictures of Zhao Ming Shen clamouring that this was their new husband!
This feeling was like she had returned to that time many years ago when Jiang Yi had won second place in the singing competition. At that time he was exactly like this, the sun at noon (at the peak of his powers).
Jian Wei almost suspected that she was in a dream.

She sat in a chair outside the studio, looking at the yard lost in thought. The co-ordinator sat down beside her and turned her head to ask, “You must be really excited right? Or is it completely unexpected?”
Ever since she heard Jian Wei’s story that evening, she had become very interesting in things related to Jian Wei and Jiang Yi. She not only passed on news about Jiang Yi to her, but also paid a lot of attention to Jian Wei’s feelings as she watched her male god become popular.
What was surprising was that after Jian Wei heard her question she was silent for a few seconds before unexpectedly shaking her head. The co-ordinator was confused. Jian Wei turned her head and looked at her with her lips raised in a smile, “I have always believed that he will be popular.”
Yes, she had always believed.
Naturally, she had looked up to and followed this man for so many years. She knew he attached importance to his work and knew how much effort he has invested into it as well. She believed without a doubt that he would get everything he wanted. No matter whether it was singing or acting, he always relied on himself to break through the heavens.
And now her expectations had been fulfilled.
Jian Wei was so happy that she smiled, her eyebrows expressed her joy, her sincere happiness. The co-ordinator didn’t know why but she suddenly felt quite touched. Raising her hand to pat her shoulder, she said, “He’s coming back today. You can go over and give him your congratulations yourself.”
Jian Wei’s expression froze.
Jiang Yi had been away from the cast and crew for a week already. He had been running around outside promoting “Cold Night” and no one in the cast and crew had seen him. In other words, they also hadn’t seen him for a week.
One week. It was actually just a short seven days. But she felt like it was a long time.
So, she could finally see him today?
As if echoing her thoughts, a nanny car suddenly appeared in front. After stopping, the car door opened and Lin Hao jumped out first, and then a familiar figure stepped out.
It was Jiang Yi.
He wore a simple white t-shirt and jeans. He was wearing sunglasses, and there was no expression on his face, seemingly travel-worn.
Jian Wei’s heart was happy, and she stood up immediately. Unexpectedly, before she had time to go over other people pushed past her and surrounded him. It was a member of the cast and crew.
“Jiang-laoshi, you’ve finally returned, everyone was missing you!”
“Jiang-laoshi, we all watched “Cold Night”. It was really good, you were super handsome, ah!”
“I’ve really fallen deeply into the pit (deeply addicted), la! Pleading for spoilers, pleading for spoilers! When will Zhao Ming Shen tell Ji Lan Zhi clearly? It’s so oppressive!”
The co-ordinator pushed forward, “You go too, ah.”
Jian Wei nodded and moved forward a few steps. Slowly her footsteps became more and more hesitant until she stopped completely.
Everyone was still encircling Jiang Yi
Obviously they were all familiar with him previously. Before they used to work together everyday, but after not seeing him for a mere week, their attitude had completely changed.
At this moment, everyone looked up to him and in their eyes was a fervent desire to curry favour, just like when they looked at Zhou Peipei before.
Jian Wei looked at the man being escorted by the crowd and pursed her lips.
This was the day that she had been looking forward to, but when the day arrived she discovered that he seems to… have become even more out of reach.

The author has something to say: Jiang Yi’s hit the big time, and has returned to the cast and crew, guess what the two will be doing in the next chapter? 
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