Only Starlight Chapter 24 part 2

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Lin Zequn was tolerating these things already, but as long as he thought that before Cold Night aired, Jiang Yi relied on his, Lin Zequn’s, own provocations, as he unknowingly attracted a lot of attention, he would at once be unable to restrain his anger.
Looking back now, he delivered himself to the gate to promote Jiang Yi!
But even if it was like this, he could only endure it. Although only a few days had passed, the current Jiang Yi is no longer the same as him. Even his manager had seriously warned him that no matter what should happen among the cast and crew he could not provoke Jiang Yi again.
In other words, she was also worried that Jiang Yi could retaliate against him.
Thinking to here, Lin Zequn’s heart quietened down a little. Apparently Jiang Yi wasn’t planning on finding trouble with him at all. That is, when all was said and done his foundation also was not yet stable and he still needed to protect his good image.
His gaze suddenly flicked to the crowd standing in a circle where a girl wearing a mask was squeezed in. He thought of that evening and how he had slapped her. Jiang Yi had not been with the cast and crew recently and this girl also hadn’t appeared. Today, at last, she showed her face. Was it that someone had supported her?
Suddenly he thought it was laughable. He didn’t know whether she had told Jiang Yi about this matter, but even if she had, it would have no effect.
She was tiny fan, that was all. Did he really think that Jiang Yi would do something just for her?
He hadn’t finished this thought when there was a sudden pain on his face, someone had ruthlessly hit him!
Lin Zequn couldn’t stand, stumbling backwards several paces!
He used the table to support himself, and looked up in incredulity. Jiang Yi’s right fist was still tightly clenched. A moment ago, just like that, it had ruthlessly hit his cheek!
“Cut! Very good!” the director said loudly.
In this scene, Jiang Yi’s character, Gu Cheng Yuan, because of a dispute, hit Lin Zequn’s character, Qin Wen. They had already practiced the move before filming. When Jiang Yi was about to hit him, Lin Zequn would take advantage of the time to dodge and it wouldn’t especially hurt. But now when everyone looked to the middle of the stage, they felt that it wasn’t quite right.
Jiang Yi walked over and said in an even voice, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I was too into it! Does it hurt?”
Lin Zequn pushed him away, “What are you f*cking doing?” When he tried to move his mouth a little, it hurt unbearable. He almost couldn’t talk. Jiang Yi didn’t become angry after being cursed and good-naturedly said, “I’m truly sorry. How about you hit me in return? I definitely won’t retaliate.” The people to the side recovered their souls. This kind of thing also can’t be blamed on anyone. Sometimes when actors threw themselves in a role a fake punch could change to a real one. Someone helped to smooth the matter over, “Lin-laoshi, don’t get angry, la. Yi-ge also didn’t do it on purpose. Luckily this shot was okay, you can see how good it is!” “Right, ah. Fortunately Lin-laoshi, you act well and know how to adapt to the circumstances and just now hasn’t become a blooper. Otherwise, you would have suffered this punch in vain, and would have to do it again!” Did he f*cking change according to the situation? He was being beaten, stupid!
Lin Zequn glanced at Jian Wei and suddenly reacted, grabbing Jiang Yi’s collar. “You did that on purpose?”
Jiang Yi paused for a second, and helplessly said, “Lin-laoshi, this is over, ah. There is also a limit to playing jokes.”
Lin Zequn glared at him. The man’s expression was so hateful. He clenched his teeth and almost wanted to hit him back. But, with thousands of eyes staring at him, the hand that was balled into a fist nevertheless relaxed and didn’t move.
After a while Lin Zequn at last released Jiang Yi. He patted his lapel, seemingly wanting it to substitute that for flattening him, and squeezed out a smile, “It’s embarrassing, I lost my head. Jiang-laoshi naturally didn’t do it on purpose. I’ll put on makeup. After I repair my makeup, let’s continue shooting.”
Good, this time what he did, this account will come back sooner or later!
He loosened his mouth and everyone put down their hearts, flinging this matter to the back of their minds and once more bustling around, preparing for the next scene.
The co-ordinator moved closer to Jian Wei’s side, and said hesitantly, “I somehow feel that Jiang-laoshi… seems like he did that on purpose, ah.”
Jian Wei looked at Jiang Yi. He was drinking water. He seemed to sense her gaze as he turned his head and softly blinked towards her.

Hmm, I have decide to just cut out the author talks as I don’t think I’ll ever go back and translate/edit them.

Sooo…. in this Jiang Yi hit Lin Zequn. I think we all know he did it on purpose. Lin Zequn carried on his stereotypical villain “I’ll repay this debt” attitude, completely forgetting that he was the one that started this, and Jiang Yi carried on his white lotus act (lol) of “you can hit me in return”… seriously, who thinks that that is the way to sort these things out ORZ

Anyway, enjoy the chapter, and stay safe!

P.S. I translated three parts this week, but after reading the MTL for the new chapter to be translated, I’ve lost my motivation. Its’ very melancholy. And I hate melancholy TT_TT

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