Only Starlight Chapter 17 part 1

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“Yi-ge, will you come with us for a drink? We’re having a drinking game tonight at Sanlitun (Beijing street name), let’s go together.”

Jiang Yi looked up. Lin Zequn was standing next to him, asking him with a smile. Zhou Peipei still had a lot to shoot that night, but neither of them had anything to do so they could go out to relax.

Jiang Yi smiled and said, “I’m can’t. I still have to shoot tomorrow morning. You go.”

“I also have work tomorrow, it doesn’t matter ah. We won’t stay out late.” Lin Zequn said, half-joking, half-serious. “Otherwise, if you go back to look over your script and I go out alone, it’ll look like I’m not taking it seriously.”

There was no one else in the corridor, and the distant voices of the people in the office could be heard. Lin Zequn looked as gentle and refined as ever, but the space between his eyebrows appeared cruel and headstrong. Until now his life had been smooth sailing and he hadn’t encountered any obstacles, so it was natural that he should be arrogant and haughty.

Like Zhou Peipei he had signed onto “If There Is No Love” before “Dahan Feiyan” exploded in popularity. For a small unknown actor who became popular in one go, he was naturally unwilling to let himself be wronged. These past few months he had even tried to squeeze Jiang Yi out to become the lead male. However, Xia Ce had invested in this drama and as they wanted to push Jiang Yi, he was not able to do as he wished and take his role. The most irritating thing was that his manager was still advising him that with his current position he should not seek to make trouble for Jiang Yi; in other words, he shouldn’t bite off more than he could chew!  

Lin Zequn supressed his belly full of fire in front of the production crew and decided that, although he was playing the second male lead, he must have highest position during the shooting. He wanted to make Jiang Yi understand, it was he who was deigning to act in this drama. Tonight’s drinking game was his first show of strength.

Jiang Yi looked at Lin Zequn. The person in front of him was so young that his ill-intent was clearly displayed on his face. Standing in front of him, towards this person who wore their heart on their sleeve, everything was abundantly clear.

Jiang Yi tried hard to recall whether, when he had been 20 years old, he had also acted this way. Very quickly he stopped trying; even if he had been that stupid, he didn’t want to remember it right now.

He could guess that what was waiting for him at the drinking party was nothing more than a bunch of schemes and tricks, wanting to get him drunk so that he would act shamefully in front of his friends, perhaps even wanting to use this as an opportunity to get a handle on him. He had seen a lot these past couple of years and knew how to deal with it if he went. But this kind of unnecessary thing which didn’t help with the filming at all – he was already bored of it and the meaningless exchange of blows.

His work principles had always been that if he could sit, he wouldn’t stand, if he could rely on words then why fight?

Showing a smile, Jiang Yi patted Lin Zequn’s shoulder, “We are different. Because I wasn’t able to prepare well, I want to go back and look over the script. You act well so it’s only natural that you don’t need to clasp the Buddha’s feet when in danger (make a last minute effort).”

Lin Zequn raised his eyebrows, a little bemused.

Although Jiang Yi refused, the reason was undeniable. He took the initiative to show weakness and praise him so Lin Zequn felt that his goal had half been achieved.

Lin Zequn smiled and waved his hand, “Yi-ge, you’re saying these words to scold me. Who doesn’t know that although you were a singer, your acting skills are praiseworthy. You don’t lose to those who graduated from acting school.”

 Even though he didn’t lose to those from acting school, they would still be better and more mainstream. Jiang Yi shot him a glance, and insisted, “You overpraise me, I am merely the clumsy bird that flies (to work hard to compensate for one’s limited abilities).”

Lin Zequn smiled easily. Putting his hands behind his head he unhurriedly said, “Good. Since Yi-ge doesn’t want to go, I will not force you.”

Jiang Yi looked forward and thought that young people really twisted their words.

The two people walked forwards and saw a group of people gathered in the hall. They could go but these staff members still had to continue working. They were in the middle of getting their meal boxes while chatting.

While they were talking about this and that, a girl suddenly said, “Actually, I am very curious, is this so-called famous Weibo pet also a profession? Not working every day and instead relying on sharing their cat or dog on the internet to support themselves, it sounds very easy and enviable, ah.”

Lin Zequn immediately understood what they were talking about. At the thought of the afternoon his heart flashed with a little unhappiness. He didn’t like small animals. In order to shoot the drama, he wanted to become friendly with the cat, but it was a pity that an animal is still only an animal. Unexpectedly it acted like that, it was already good that it didn’t scratch him. The cat vexed him and its master also was not pleasing to the eye.

Thinking about who she was a fan of, even if she wanted to, she couldn’t make him like her.

He snorted, “Yi-ge, are you familiar with that cat’s owner? Have you talked to her before?”

Jiang Yi looked at him. Lin Zequn shrugged his shoulders, “In the afternoon when you were holding the cat, it seemed like you were acquaintances from how you spoke.”

At that time, Lin Zequn asked the cat’s owner why she let it run around, and he said, “She probably wants me to take care of her, right?”

Jiang Yi didn’t reply.

Lin Zequn thought of something and suddenly smiled, “This is only my opinion, but, don’t get too close to her. Don’t believe that just because she’s a fan she’s trustworthy, after all, didn’t she receive money for an advertisement, she’s a black celebrity or something.”

Jiang Yi frowned, “You think too much.”

“It’s you who thinks too simply,” he said earnestly with a sincere appearance. “I dislike marketing the most. They spread rumours all day long, and if you don’t give them money they’ll blacken you. Their morality is too lacking. Today she likes you, maybe tomorrow she’ll spread malicious rumours. Can you count on this kind of person being truly sincere…?”

Jiang Yi glanced at him but couldn’t see the slightest change in his face.

Over there, the co-ordinator was still immersed in the shock of working together with the “god of studying” and was overwhelmed with emotions. She couldn’t help but say, “Gulu’s mum can not only raise cats.”

Lin Zequn said, “Then what else can she do? Scroll through Weibo?”

Everyone turned to look at them and exclaimed, “Yi-laoshi, Lin-laoshi, you still haven’t left yet, ah!”

“We were just about to leave. As a matter of fact we were looking for you, to say goodbye.” Lin Zequn beamed, “You were chatting with the cat’s owner?”

“Yes, ah, we were just randomly talking.”

“Hey, Meng Meng, you haven’t answered Lin-laoshi. Apart from raising animals, what else can she do? You don’t mean running around the cast and crew chasing after stars with her cat, right?”

The co-ordinator recognised the speaker as the person from the afternoon who had implied Gulu’s mum was a crazy fan, whose smiling face showed her distain. Out of the corner of her eye she glanced at Jiang Yi. His face showed no emotion, but he seemed a little serious. She suddenly remembered his cold attitude before they started filming. She blamed herself for brazenly saying that Gulu’s mum was his fan, causing Jiang-laoshi to misunderstand her as the type of woman who brainlessly chase after her idols.

I realised that I’ve mistranslated Gulu’s mum (literally it’s Gu-ma (Gu-mum) as auntie so I’ll be going back and changing that for all the chapters out 🙂

I’m back in Japan after a 20 hour flight OTL Work starts tomorrow TT_TT

Who called it that Lin Zequn had a hidden face? When I was translating the last chapter I thought this might happen, haha.

As always, comments appreciated 🙂 Let me know what you think!

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